Actress Alysia Rogers Reveals Why She Left Hollywood for Good

Known for her stunning good looks in roles such as “Damita” in Class Act, and “Shanice” in John Singleton’s classic, Boyz N the Hood, actress Alysia Rogers left a skyrocketing Hollywood career to devote her time to raising her daughter, now a young college student.

Alysia Rogers Quote

“I was a single mother shortly after my last film and devoted all of me to figuring out this motherhood thing and trying to be the best mom I could be because she was my world. Now she’s a wonderful young college student and I feel it’s time to finish what I started years ago.”

After 20 years away from the industry, the sultry actress is ready to take Hollywood by storm and is starring in roles that have a strong, lasting impact on diverse audiences. Rogers’ new role is in the highly anticipated short film, Beyond Merritt. Alysia plays the lead character, Lynda Merritt.

Alysia Rogers smiling. Photo c/o
Alysia Rogers smiling. Photo c/o

Beyond Merritt

Beyond Merritt, a true story, reveals the struggles and triumphs of a single mother fighting for her life who grapples with drug addiction, hopelessness and loss.

Touched by the script and Lynda’s life, Rogers became excited about being a part of such a groundbreaking and inspiring film.

“Lynda Merritt’s life resonated with me because she is a strong woman who has overcome so much adversity. She is one of my heroes. What really made me interested in doing the film is that the script was very well-written and the role was very challenging. The film’s message is to never loose hope. No matter what goes on in your life, you can break free and move forward,” Rogers says.

Alysia Rogers Interviewed by CiCi Foster

In this video, CiCi Foster interviews Alysia Rogers on set, the final day of the shoot. It is well worth the 8 minutes to go behind the scenes.

Beyond Merritt is set for release in Spring of 2013. Visit for more information.

The Story of Lynda Carol Merritt

Reading this story, it is easy to see the reason Alysia Rogers decided to take on the role. Alysia Rogers easily identified with the character and plays it well.

Lynda Carol Merritt was born in San Francisco California. She was raised by her mom and was ten years old when her father died. Raised in a dysfunctional family, Lynda was sexually, physically, and emotionally abused at an early age and grew up angry as a result. Losing her mate to prostrate cancer in her early 20s, Lynda got hooked on crack and had no support from family or friends.

Raising three kids on her own, Lynda felt hopeless and alone. She lost her kids to the foster care system due to her drug abuse. Overcoming great odds, and choosing not to play a victim in life, Merritt pushed forward in spite of the many challenges she faced, including losing a child.

Lynda believes, “God is giving us all an opportunity to break the cycle of mental, emotional, sexual, and physical abuse. I believe that we all have the power and opportunity to make a difference in our personal and professional lives as long as we acknowledge that we ourselves can benefit from being part of a solution instead of the problem.”

4 Hearts Productions

4 Hearts Productions is a film production company based in Los Angeles dedicated to creating original projects that reflect the human experience. The company is excited to share their latest film project, Beyond Merritt and are looking forward to reader support.

4 Hearts Productions said “Beyond Merritt is the true life story about Lynda Merritt, a mother of three young children, who fell in the grips of drug abuse, and struggled to save herself and her family. Lost between her addiction and recovery, Lynda takes you on an intimate and heart-wrenching journey of a mother who loses it all but in the end, gains the courage to fight and never gives up hope.”

“Merritt overcomes loss and tragedy of the worst kind, including the unexpected death of a child, this film reveals how one drug addicted mother faced her worst nightmare and beat the odds.”

Why This Film Is Important

Beyond Merritt has a powerful message for all people and is a reminder that there is hope after life’s biggest storms. Lynda reminds each viewer that even in the grips of excruciating loss, pain and addiction, the impossible is possible.

Alysia Rogers is Lynda Carol Merritt.

Filmmakers’ Goal

This film may save a life! Our goal with this film is to inspire people who are suffering from addictions, loss and grief. We want them to know that they are not alone, and that through it all, they can overcome anything-even the worst of tragedies. We ask that you donate anything you can afford and please ask your family and friends to pitch in as well. By contributing to Beyond Merritt, you’ll be helping us to bring awareness, raise funds, and help people gain hope in the midst of tragedy!

According to the drug project and Journal of American Medical Association, 900,000 Americans die a year from substance abuse, alcohol and tobacco.

Mostly everyone knows someone who is battling with addiction, whether it is a friend or family member. Everyone has been in some way impacted by drugs, loss, or grief. Many people lose hope or give up. This film will raise awareness about some of life’s most painful situations, and inspire people to succeed in spite of the odds!

Alysia Rogers calls Beyond Merritt her “Wonder Woman Movie.” NewsBlaze thanks CiCi Foster and Alysia Rogers for the opportunity to present this story, the video interview and photo.

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