7 Lessons about Dreaming into the Future

The NBC series Medium focuses on Alison Dubois (Patricia Arquette), who is not only a loving wife and mother, but she is also a psychic that solves crimes. The CBS series Ghost Whisperer follows Jennifer Love Hewitt as Melinda, a young woman with the ability to see the dead and help them cross over. Like Alison and Melinda, Christopher Robinson is a Dream Detective, the name of the book that was published in 1996 and again a year later.

Since the age of 36, he has reported having dreams that came true, and the frequency has increased since October 1989. According to Dr. Gary Schwartz’s proposal evaluation in July 2001, Robinson said it is easy to prove that his dream data is precognitive. All he’d do is be in control of what happened tomorrow and beyond, comparing what happened the night before to the accurate proof of the next day.

“If you were to repeat this over a number of days”, Robinson continued, “You build up sufficient data to establish that the human mind can see into the future when in a dream state. To satisfy the skeptical observer, it may be better to offer 40 pre planned days in sealed envelopes and then get the skeptics to control and then select which trip to take place on which day.”

Born in England in April 1951, Robinson spent the first decade of his life undergoing major cardiac surgery at Guys Hospital. He also went on to have perforated appendix, and has suffered severe injuries in a road traffic accident.

During the last two decades, he learned seven things about his ability to dream the future:

1. Sometimes, dreams can predict what will happen in great detail; sometimes, they don’t.

2. They seldom give precognitive information on mundane or expected events.

3. Dreams can be asked to give details about specific questions.

4. Sometimes, they give specific answers to those questions.

5. Dreams seem to give much more when sudden deaths and certain deaths are involved.

6. Dreams can even involve the dead.

7. They’re often very cryptic and must be explained.

But rather than use his unique ability for “self-interest”, Robinson decides to use it for the greater good. “We must care for others around us more than we do now to make a better world” he stated. “We can pray 5 times a day, but does God want us to just to pray or does God want us to do good things and help others? … I think its fine to pray, but do it after we do the good things to help those around us to help themselves.”

Find out more Robinson at www.dream-detective.com, or email him at [email protected]

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