6000 Sign Petition To Dethrone Miss Universe Canada 2012 Over Pit Bulls

A petition launched against Miss Universe Canada 2012 has received over 6000 signatures. Sahar Biniaz, who is to represent Canada in the coming Miss Universe Contest this year, came under fire for advocating a ban on pit bulls in the province of British Columbia.

Dozens of comments, including angry ones from pit bull owners and lovers, targeted Miss Biniaz when the Journal of Humanitarian Affairs published an op-ed piece on her stance on pit bulls.

Sahar Biniaz
Sahar Biniaz screenshot from video

Biniaz had earlier told in an interview about her family, that a pet pit bull bit her when she was only 14. She reportedly met a local councilor to motivate him to table the legislation against allowing pit bulls or keeping them without a leash anytime.

A petition was launched soon thereafter, demanding that Biniaz be stripped of her title and not allowed to represent Canada in the Miss Universe 2012 contest because she bears hatred of pit bulls and wants to impose it on families that have pit bulls as beloved family dogs. The Young Turks (TYT) Network discussed the topic of Biniaz’s stance on pit bulls and the ensuing outrage. The video of this discussion continues to receive comments from supporters and opponents of pit bull ownership.

The Vancouver Sun reports direct quotes from Biniaz and her family.

Miss Universe Canada joins call for pit bull ban in BC – Vancouver Sun

Sahar Biniaz, 26, was a victim of a pit bull attack herself at the age of 14. [She] thinks the provincial government should adopt either a pit bull ban or at least require that pit bulls must be leashed and muzzled at all times…

Denis Davila, National Director of Miss Universe Canada: Strip Sahar Biniaz of her title!

This is the petition, that has more than 6,000 signatures so far.

And here is a segment from ‘The Young Turks” TV program, talking about the issue.