Exclusive Interview with TV Personality and Presenter Johny Pach

Established British TV personality and presenter Johny Pach grew up camera ready. The trained journalist studied Journalism, Film Production, and Performing Arts at the prestigious Surrey Institute of Art & Design in Greater London and has since gone on to interview some of the world’s biggest names in entertainment such as Angelina Jolie, Ed Sheeran, WILL I AM, Chris Pratt, James Hong, Oscar De La Hoya, Corey Feldman, David Hasselhoff, Tom Jones, and Daniel Radcliffe. We chatted with him about life beyond the camera and his global EDMTV deal for his self-titled The Johny Pach Show.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. Congratulations on all your amazing achievements to date. You were born in the UK; can you tell us a little about early life for you there?

Hey guys, so I was born in Wallington in Surrey, a wonderful place to grow up. Like so many kids, I loved to perform to the camera. My granddad bought a camera, during my younger years, and every time the camera was on me, I simply started to perform. I felt such great energy towards the camera and from that point on, I used it to create as much content as possible. I decided to pursue my career in that field and enrolled at the Surrey Institute of Art & Design to study Journalism, Film Production, and Performing Arts.

What was one of your first TV appearances?

As an actor, I started to appear on TV shows, such as ‘Golden Balls’ and ‘Million Pound Giveaway’ as well as Make Me a Super Model on FIVE and Date My Mum on MTV. I also featured on popular British TV series’ including ‘The Bill’ and one of the BBC’s longest-reigning shows, ‘EastEnders’. These massive TV shows gave me a unique behind-the-scenes look at the TV industry and first-hand experience as to how to create a high-performance TV production.

What was your first major TV presenting gig?

I was incredibly fortunate to land a few major live TV shows. I presented on one of the UK’s biggest network, SKY TV, as well as LIVING, Smart Live Casino, Psychic Channel, Shopping TV, World Fashion Channel, and UGroove Music Channel. Things just evolved and offers came in to host other live events, such as fashion shows, red carpets, and music festivals.

How did you transition to Hollywood?

As my TV presenting peaked, I started to receive more and more offers to interview celebrities on various high-profile red carpets. I was offered a Los Angeles sponsorship deal on SKY TV’s ‘V Channel’ and ended up hosting my own show in Hollywood, interviewing some of Tinsel Town’s biggest stars and names in the entertainment industry.

Johny Pach
Photo courtesy of Johny Pach

Congratulations on your new role with EDMTV. Tell us about that.

My work takes me around the globe so aside from working in Los Angeles, for years, I have hosted The Marbella International Film Festival, The Raindance Film Festival, and The Berlin Festival. It seemed a natural progression to launch my own platform, The Johny Pach Show, which airs on ExPat Radio, iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and the multimedia conglomerate EDMTV, a digital universe of multi-genre episodes including festival coverage, nightlife highlights, 3D visuals, animations, and live sets.

You have such a vast audience that thrives on your energetic approach on camera. Can you tell us how you found your style of presenting?

I would say that I found my presenting style by looking deep within myself. I’ve always had an energetic and positive approach to life, so it was only natural for me to use this energy when presenting on stage or on the red carpet. As a kid, I was full of energy – I was always the person who would be ‘bouncing off the walls’ and showing off to family and friends. As I grew up, I successfully maintained my explosive energy, which became really useful for me when I started my TV Presenter training. My energetic approach is something quite unique to me. I think I became aware of this when considering my competition within the industry. Though there are loads of amazing presenters out there, all of whom have great stage presence, there are very few who are as energetic as me. This is why I am so glad to be known for my energetic approach because it makes me stand out.

On top of making me unique, my energetic approach allows me to connect with my audience. I think it is very important for the audience to connect with a presenter because it truly does enhance their experience. I believe that I have built up a vast following as a direct result of my engagement with audiences. To channel my energy, I like to practice mindfulness. When I am connected with my inner self, my spiritual self, I feel as if I have better control of my explosive energy. In turn, I end up being the best version of myself on stage! I would highly recommend this approach to anyone who is looking to channel, or even enhance, their inner energy.

Aside from Hollywood calling once again, what else is next for you?

Just like many other industries suffering from the current Covid-19, the events world has had to make a major adjustment to online viewing shows only. Aside from The Johny Pach Show (www.johnypach.com/podcast), where I interview guests from around the globe and is aired to millions of listeners worldwide, in September, I will be virtually hosting the largest London Fashion Week virtual show with House Of Ikons. It is an established fashion show that launched in 2014, and I am really excited to be part of this year’s iconic show.

What advice would you give any budding TV Presenter, hoping to achieve the same prominence as you?

Actually, I have created my own Top 10 Tips to become a successful TV Presenter within this challenging entertainment industry as a bit of a guide for others.

  1. Be excited – As a TV presenter, it is important for you to be excited. This will allow you to grab your audience’s attention, as well as the attention of the celebrity that you are talking to.
  2. Know Your Event – It is important for you to understand the details of the event that you are covering. This will show the audience that you are engaged!
  3. Prepare Good Questions – It is vital for you to prepare questions for each person so that you can have an interesting discussion.
  4. Dive into the Audience – Your audience wants to have a connection with you. It is also likely that they may want to do what you do. It is important, therefore, to connect with them on a personal level.
  5. Be Humble – This will allow you to create a good presenter image, one with which the people can resonate.
  6. Listen to yourself – Though this can be awkward and cringy, it will allow you to improve your presenting skills. You will be able to better understand your projection, pronunciation, and tonality by listening to yourself.
  7. Listen to others – Be sure to take on criticism from people you trust. It will only improve your skills!
  8. Rehearse – As always, it is important to practice your skills, so that you are ready for the big day!
  9. Be Confident – Confidence is a key part of being a good TV presenter. It will allow you to project, to connect, and to thrive on stage.
  10. Enjoy yourself – Presenting on TV is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you enjoy every minute of it, you are far more likely to be engaging and to excel in your dream profession!

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