Steamy Poetry is a Very Hot Seller!

By Michael Cortson, Author, Playwright

We usually don’t write stories about books of poetry, but a little book called “Across a Crowded Room” is so hot that you can’t find it at your local book seller. The demand for the book is so fierce that the co-authors have resorted to selling email copies on the Internet.

“Across A Crowded Room” – comes straight from the hearts of two people, Tom Knutson of Minnesota, and Cara Preston of New York. Their words intertwine and reveal the depth of kindness, fear, joy, pain – all of what life bestows upon those smart enough to let their lives happen.

The affection between the two is genuinely present for the keen reader. They leave no doubt as to what they feel. The smoke from the passionate fire that blazes within becomes but a whisper as a soft spring breeze across a cool pond as the cat tails sway. This is an outstanding compilation of thoughts most can only dream without words. “Across A Crowded Room” is filled with the juice of life – and is there to quench the thirst of all who enter. Well done.

To order your copy for Christmas, or Valentine’s Day you will need to write to the following address [email protected] That email does work, but due to very high demand it may take them a few weeks to get back to you.