Spero = Hope, ‘But We’ll Still Die’ Said Author

Barack Obama has been proclaimed as a Christ-like Messiah and a symbol of change and hope, which is also known as a Latin word for Spero, which is also the name of a book by AR Horvath. The second book in the Birth Pangs series, Spero looks at several forms of despair similar to Man and Man’s answers: government, education, technology, and the most important of all, death.

“This election is an example of how we tend to lose our bearings” Horvath writes. “On the one hand we are being asked to believe that ‘reform’ is possible. On the other hand, we are supposed to put our hope in ‘change’. We’ve all been around the block enough times to know that this rhetoric disappears when slammed against the hard political realities in Washington, but this never stops us from acting as though this time will be different.”

Horvath goes also to state that in Spero, there are institutions to depend on. Foreigners who invaded America due to account of a biological holocaust and a temporary nuclear war are being driven out. As long as there’s anarchy, everyone strives to figure out what to hope for in the future. Those that survive develop governments, who develop armies, who set out to rescue — but death is still inevitable.

“We can save Social Security but we’ll still die” Horvath continues. “We can lower taxes but we’ll still die. We can vote for the candidate of hope, but we’ll still die. We can vote for the war hero, but we’ll still die. Who will rescue us from this body of death?

“The only way through the ‘dark night of the soul’ is see that only a transcendent hope can sustain us, ultimately. The next obvious question is whether or not such a hope is reasonable to have. I said yes.”

Spero is available on hard cover right now through Horvath’s website.

Garrett Godwin is an entertainment journalist, who writes for NewsBlaze about television and people in the entertainment industry, from his home state of Michigan. Contact Garrett by writing to NewsBlaze.