Sound Advice – New Book Reveals the Sensory Connection to Developmental Disorders

In her new book Sound Advice, published by the Loving Healing Press, seasoned occupational therapist and writer Robin Abbott offers valuable fresh insights into the role of hearing and movement in developmental disorders among children.

Sound Advice
Image @ Loving Healing Press

New Approach to Treating Developmental Disorders

Robin Abbott educates parents and those who work with children on how the inner ear’s ability to sense sound and movement during early life can lead to wide-ranging delays in a child’s development when those senses aren’t working properly. Those delays can be involved in the diagnoses of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), autism, and Attention deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Sound Advice identifies a new approach through effective therapies and interventions that can help people affected with developmental disorders related to the often therapeutically-ignored auditory and vestibular senses as gateways to the brain.

Since developmental disorders impact not just the patient but entire families, empowering loved ones to support their child’s learning about the world is a key focus of the healing work introduced in Sound Advice. Abbott explores this side of caring for developmentally challenged individuals in a compassionate and understanding way.

How Sound Advice Started

While the topic had been on Abbott’s mind for decades, she actively started researching and writing the book in 2018. “It’s the first book that I know of that is targeted to parents and educators,” she says. “I wanted a book that would explain to parents how their child sees the world.”

More about Sound Advice is online at the book’s website.

About the Author

Robin Abbott has been an occupational therapist for over 20 years. Robin has presented the ideas in Sound Advice to parents, therapists and students throughout the US and internationally. She has a TedX talk available on YouTube and is the founder of Dovetail Therapy. She and her spouse have two grown children, have traveled extensively in connection with the US Army, and currently live in Iowa.