‘Sexual Sabotage’ How One Mad Scientist Unleashed a Plague of Corruption and Contagion on America

They are the voiceless victims whose horror in many ways mirrors what children in concentration-camp “experiments” suffered during the Holocaust. But the mastermind behind such horrid crimes of sexual abuse and rape of children-some as young as 6-months-old-touts a legacy that’s lauded, lionized, bankrolled and celebrated in literature, science, industry and the arts.

Still, the perpetrator escapes even the scorn heaped on pedophile priests-though his work provides direct cover to the abusers.

So charges a shocking new book by an author who’s never allowed her critics’ tactics of ridicule and blackballing to silence her from exposing the darkest secrets of Alfred Kinsey’s sexual “research.” Dr. Judith Reisman’s relentless commitment to revealing Kinsey’s documented-yet studiously whitewashed-methodology will culminate July 20 with the publishing of WND Books’ latest, *Sexual Sabotage: How One Mad Scientist Unleashed a Plague of Corruption and Contagion on America.

Kinsey’s career, asserts Reisman, was founded on such unfathomable crimes against innocent children that its true nature must no longer remain unknown to the masses. Reisman aims straight for Kinsey’s watershed work-Sexual Behavior in the Human Male. Released 52 years ago, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male attained academic acclaim and sparked mass shock and intrigue, selling 200,000 copies in its first two months of release.

“Sexual Behavior in the Human Male *and *Sexual Behavior in the Human Female provide abundant evidence of *child sexual torture by Kinsey’s researchers,’ who engaged in brutal, sexual experiments on children,” Reisman reports. “‘Kinsey says ‘the only ‘abnormal’ sex is no sex; that the ‘human animal’ needs orgasms; and that the earlier boys and girls have orgasms, the better for them.'”

While many pinpoint the nation’s seismic morality shift to the 1960s, Reisman presents different origins. Youthful rebellion, the rise of the counterculture and the Sexual Revolution remain mere symptoms of the cynicism that sprouted from the Kinsey Reports. The “Greatest Generation,” Reisman maintains, absorbed a slander so damaging no jury could calculate the costs, as it inspired Boomers to see their parents as perverted hypocrites.

“The World War II generation was *trained *to honor God, country, and family-and was thus trained to build a secure life for their children and, indeed, for us all,” she writes. “Kinsey … reported that *nearly all American men-our ‘better angels’-were actually sex offenders, though he also claimed that no women or children were harmed by rape or incest.”

With attention lavished on Kinsey’s salacious charges of seldom-discussed sexual behavior as the closeted norm, few paused to ponder just how Kinsey drew such definitive conclusions about the sexual behaviors of children. Few except Reisman.

“Sexual Behavior in the Human Male reports data “on 214 male children,” Sexual Sabotage reports, “the youngest only one year old. .. Kinsey asserted, ‘Of the 214 cases . . . all but 14 were subsequently observed in orgasm.’ Observed?! Who ‘subsequently observed’ (defined as ‘occurring or coming later or after’) these infants and boys being-yes-sexually tortured, timed, and recorded? Who, of Kinsey’s team, did this under his direction? The youngest boy tested to ‘climax’ is ‘2 mon.’ old.”

The pervasiveness of Kinsey’s research is pandemic, Reisman states, and even informs key advisors to the Catholic Church on matters of child sex abuse. One such advisor, Fred Berlin, MD, co-founded the celebrated Johns Hopkins Sexual Disorders Clinic, with his mentor, John Money, PhD.

Money, “a dedicated Kinsey disciple” who mentored an early Kinsey Institute director, reports Sexual Sabotage, “said that their clinic was designed to offer ‘leeway to judges’ to free convicted child molesters.”

Tellingly, the Rev. Michael Peterson, founder of St. Luke’s Institute, warned clergy that they “should avoid potential abuse suits by following the well-qualified Money and Berlin.”

Release Date-July 20, Publisher-WND Books, Website-WNDBooks.com

Dr. Judith Reisman is sought worldwide to speak, lecture, testify and counsel individuals, organizations, professionals and governments in Media Forensics, the scientific analysis of images, pictures, cartoons, illustrations, and text in harassment of women and children in the workplace, schools and homes. The special emphasis of her research continues to be the scientific documentation

of the difference between public and private space human erotic displays, and the subversion of informed consent via exposure to supranormal visual stimuli. Dr. Judith Reisman is a consultant and former president of The Institute for Media Education, and is the scientific advisor for the California Protective Parents Association. A sought-after expert in the field of Media Forensics, Dr. Reisman is also an author and has been a consultant to four U.S. Department of Justice administrations.

She’s authored or co-authored several titles, including:

  • Kinsey, Sex and Fraud: The Indoctrination of a People
  • Kinsey, Crimes and Consequences
  • The Red Queen and the Grand Scheme