Seduction by J. R. LaGreca

By Clark Isaacs, Clark’s Eye on Books

Jody Riva LaGreca has written four other books, “Afternoon Tea,” “Suburban Weird,” “The Gloaming,” and “Fleshpot.” She says her latest novel, “Seduction,” “is a mix of my college inspired mind and my adult mind, merged into a saga of vintage seduction, revisited – ”

The setting of this novel takes place on Long Island’s South Shore in New York, 2008. The young and beautiful Camille Casey shudders and cannot believe what she is reading. In the South Shore Weekly, the Nuptial Section announces the engagement of her high-school rival, Tasha Brookes, to Raphael Manex, a 40-year-old Philadelphia jeweler and diamond dealer. Camille will never forget that day two years ago when her best friend, Tasha, seduced her high-school sweetheart and took him away from her.

On a snowy, winter night, Camille devises a scheme of revenge. She invites Raphael to her house under the ruse of buying some vintage jewelry. When he arrives, the story becomes very intense and complicated. The handsome and debonair Raphael, forces himself upon Camille using her as an object of his obsession. Camille had schemed to woe him from Tasha, but had not considered falling in love with him at first sight.

“A haunting tone is set when Marianne Franz, an old widow, hires Camille to do odd jobs,” says LaGreca. This strange and mysterious old woman becomes an integral part of Camille and Raphael’s lives as they become friends.

Camille and Raphael invite Marianne for a New Year’s Eve dinner at a posh restaurant as they recognize that solitude has brought loneliness to Marianne. In turn, Marianne invites them to her house for many delicious home-cooked meals. Unexpected circumstances’ surrounding these three diverse characters begins to unfold and curiosity compels continued reading.

LaGreca has written an intelligent and thought-provoking novel. She skillfully exposes how revenge, jealousy, love of ambition, and quest for money can change the innocent and inexperienced. These elements led to wrong decisions and showed that the rich and powerful don’t always get what they want.

A great book and eye-opener for mature men and women because they can be very much alike when it comes to romance and passion. Get ready to be entertained as all of your senses will be awakened. A surprise ending is waiting to shock you! This book is highly recommended.


Author: J. R. LaGreca

ISBN: 1441513035, Pages: 200, Publication Date: 2009, Paperback, Published by Xlibris Corporation

Clark Isaacs is an accomplished book critic who is published in local newspapers and national book review lists. Contact Clark through his website at or through NewsBlaze.