Rick Pitino Apologizes

Success is a choice…

Those words came straight from the horse’s mouth. The horse in this case being Louisville coach Rick Pitino. He selected that particular title for his motivational book.

It is quite obvious; Pitino ignored his own good word when the married, father of five had a little tryst with Karen Cunagin Sypher in a restaurant. Now their little romp in the dark has come to light and his employer, the University of Louisville, is once again in the news for all the wrong reasons.

It has been stated, Pitino is a victim since Karen Cunagin Sypher’s allegedly attempted to extort $10 million.

Maybe instead of labeling Pitino, as a victim. Maybe he should be labeled as something else. The former Louisville coach?

Yes! I believe Pitino should resign. Instead of thinking of himself, maybe he should spare his family and the university any further embarrassment and humiliation.

He could also save himself from the embarrassment of being questioned by parents, who will wonder if they really have enough faith and trust in him to care for their young, impressionable sons. This is same man, who according to reports claim handed over $3,000 to Sypher for an abortion or as it has been stated “health insurance.”

Some may feel sorry for Pitino and believe his scandal is just another case of a married man feeling strained in his marriage, who is looking for a little comfort and action on the side, but in my opinion, these people are missing the bigger picture.

Although Pitino did not do anything illegal, let’s not forget about the other college coaches who have been in the same position and fired for bad behavior that brought shame and embarrassment to their respective universities.

Any representative from a university should have enough respect for themselves, the students, players and the university they represent to maintain some moral values. I feel it is their responsibility. It doesn’t really matter if Pitino was truthful and admitted the relationship. What really matters is, he is looked upon as one of Louisville’s most influential employees and a face of the university. I strongly believe he had a responsibility to the students, players and the university to conduct himself in a decent and respectful manner.

On a table? In a restaurant? With an assistant coach lurking nearby? Do you call these actions having morals or values?

Pitino may not be a professor at the university, but regardless what one thinks he is an educator. Regardless how you look at it, he makes an impression on young men who come to play basketball at Louisville.

How can parents trust him after reading in the newspaper he cheated on his wife and had a sexual relationship with a woman he hardly knew? How can these same parents not question Pitino’s values, morals or plain common sense? How can he teach discipline to his players, when even he can’t exhibit self control and discipline himself? As a parent, I would have a lot of questions.

I understand that there have been men far more powerful than Pitino that have had extra martial affairs, from Bill Clinton and Elliot Spitzer to Kobe Bryant. But I strongly believe it is part of your job to set an example to others who look up to you, respect you and the position you hold.

The sad part is I don’t see Louisville doing a thing to Pitino for his actions. If I were university president Dr. James Ramsey I would enforce the morals clause in Pitino’s contract, and terminate him. No questions asked!

Pitino’s national championship is all he needs to assure he gets out of this sticky situation. If he was an average coach or a normal university employee, he would have been fired already, but do to his name, title and position, he will not be affected.

But what is that teaching others in society? The fact that; because of who you are or what job title you hold, you can avoid prosecution of just about any indecent act or crime.

The fact remains, regardless how many indiscretions one has, how many indecent acts one commits or how low, down and dirty one plays, the one who is in power rules, and morals, respect and decency all get thrown out the window.

Do you think Pitino should be fired?

Donna M. Kshir is a 15x bestselling author (2008-2016), publisher and columnist featured in over 50 books. She is a writer who seeks truth and justice for children exposed to abuse. She speaks out and writes against these injustices done onto children. Donna’s work has landed her on the bestsellers list multiple times.

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