Race Riot Book Review

So this is the second book by Glenn Langohr that I have read. Overall it is an intriguing story to read about Glenn’s experience in prison. However I did find a lot of issues with this book. It is very short and had a lot of grammatical errors. I found it very hard to follow and there were a lot of run on sentences.

I found that very disappointing because I really like the first book I read by Glenn and I was really looking forward to this one but I am afraid to say it fell short for me. I really like the story that he has to tell and I believe it should be told. He has been through one hell of an experience and I think it should be told to the world.

He really needs to get a few better proofreaders to take a look at his books before he publishes them. That way they can catch these errors and it won’t be a problem.

I really hope he continues to write and share his story. You get better with practice and I certainly wouldn’t give up. Glenn has the talent for it and he has a great story to tell, he just needs to polish the work.

I hope to read more from him in the future.

Race Riot

Glenn Langohr