‘Promises: Book One of The Syrenka Series’ Book Review

‘Promises’ was the first mermaid novel I have ever read, and I have to say I am majorly impressed. I just may be hooked on them now, that is if they turn out to be as good as Amber Garr’s writing. ‘Promises’ is such a thrilling story. I read it in two days which honestly it probably would have only taken me a day if I had not had to work, simply because I just didn’t want to put it down.

Eviana’s story is just so engaging and refreshing. It sucks you in from the beginning. Eviana is the eldest daughter to one of the most powerful mermaid clans. She is about to turn eighteen and here parents have arranged a marriage for her, to Kain. The son of the other most powerful clan, his father is very ill and Kain will need to take over in a matter of time. Once they are married they can rule the clans together, like intended.

Eviana is very upset about this entire situation not only does she not want to be in charge but she does not want to marry Kain. Sure he’s practically perfect but he’s not Brendan.

Brendan is Eviana’s true love; however he is not a mermaid, which causes major problems for everyone. He is a selkie, a shifter. Mermaids and selkies don’t belong together they have different mating rules. Her parents forbid her to see Brendan and Brendan has to hid his relationship, so the question is how far will Brendan and Eviana go to be together and what will be the cost?

I have to say I really sympathize for Eviana and I understand why she does everything she does to be with Brendan but however I do have to admit I have a soft spot for Kain and a big part of me wanted Eviana to just give in and marry him. Honestly part of me is still hoping she takes her place beside him.

Anyways I loved the plot; it wasn’t what I call a repeat plot where you pretty much know what’s going to happen just with new characters and a slight difference. No this was fresh and I had no idea what was going to happen, I love the amazing sea creatures that she brought to life, I had never even thought of that.

I definitely cannot wait to read more of this series and since I have the other two already downloaded, I won’t have to wait long, so check back for the reviews on those!

Amber Garr had definitely earned a spot on my favorites list, and I will be reading everything she comes out with!

Promises (Syrenka Series Book 1)

Amber Garr

Publishing Date: April 8, 2012

ISBN: 978-1468006797

Genre: Fantasy