Prison Riot Book Review

I was very impressed to see a lot of improvement with the writing skill in ‘Prison Riot’. I have read almost all of Glenn Langohr’s other books and I have to say this was one of my favorites.

Langohr really puts a lot of detail into this books. The scenes flow together very well and the story is told in a very neat fashion. ‘Prison Riot’ gives you a deeper look into what men in prison experience when there is a riot, especially when there are corrupt people in charge.

Inmates can be treated brutally for months without the blink of an eye. This book definitely gives you a lot of insight into the system and many things to think about.

I am really glad he decided to share his experiences with the world because I am sure it will unveil the hard realities of what people experience in prison.

The book is a really good read and I look forward to more work from Glenn Langohr.

Prison Riot

Glenn Langohr


Publishing Date: August 20, 13