Has The Constitutional Right To Bear Arms Outlived Its Usefulness?

Last night, the National Rifle Association asked members and fans to vote in the NPR show Intelligence Squared U.S. debate over second amendment rights. The controversial and provocative premise they postulated was “The Constitutional Right to Bear Arms Has Outlived Its Usefulness.”

The show stirred a hornet’s nest and the NRA got a good response. More than 40,000 NRA supporters jumped onto the IQ2US website and Facebook, leaving their votes and comments. Needless to say, they all support their right to bear arms.

This evening, the debate is on – in less than an hour.

Taped in front of a live audience from New York at 6:45 PM Eastern, it is part of the IQ2US non-profit, non-partisan mission to “raise the level of public discourse in the United States and beyond.”

You can see the Livestream for tonight’s debate and you can weigh in with your vote too: Click here for the Livestream.

One respondent said “The police are not responsible for my safety and security. That is the flaw in the motion. If they were responsible, then they could be held accountable if something happened to me. The courts including the US Supreme Court have made it clear that the police are not accountable nor responsible for protecting individual citizens. That is up to each of us. Having police is good for society, but it is not a complete solution and does not change my personal responsibility for my own safety.”

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