Personal Branding, The Key To Micro Domination

Branding is good for business. You may be thinking of Apple, Coca Cola, Nike, but it isn’t only for companies with a lot of money behind them. Personal Branding is big too.

There are people in the world doing what they hate to do, and there are people doing what they love. If you want to do what you love to do, or you just want to explore whether it is possible for you, Trevor Young, the author of “Micro Domination” has a book you should read.

Our world has changed. The playing field is much more level than it was 20 years ago. That doesn’t mean it is easy, it just means the massive cost barriers have been lowered, so low low you can easily step over them. Also, the gatekeepers have less power to stop you, because you can find ways to go around them.

You can become a Micro Dominator – there are people doing it right now – dominating their niche – doing what they love to do. Some of those people have big names that you may know, but they weren’t always big names. They started with an idea and a vision.

Trevor Young makes your path easier. His book, “Micro Domination – how to leverage social media and content marketing to build a mini-business empire around your personal brand,” is as good as having a blueprint to success in your hand.

microDOMINATION contains a blueprint you can not only follow, but modify to suit your own purpose.

personal branding to micro domination book
Use personal branding as a steppingstone to micro domination – dog eared and tagged book by Trevor Young

microDOMINATION is the one book that looks at how you can develop your own platform, build your personal brand and grow your business with the long-term goal of living a fulfilling and financially independent life. It cherrypicks aspects of social media and content marketing, PR, personal branding and developing a revenue pipeline – all the while motivating and inspiring via a constant stream of real-life stories.

In the introduction, Young outlines three consumer archetypes – Mavens, Connectors and Salesmen – and after reading this, I slotted 7 of my business friends into those categories. Although some of them fit more than one slot, their specialty is obvious, and that is the way life works.-

Young closes out the introduction with an explanation of who will benefit from the book. This is the reason the intro is important to read. It either tells you if you are a fit, to be a micro maven, or what you need to do, so you can fit.

The micro brand is not a new phenomenon, but it is a relatively new concept that you may not have thought about. Young points out that we all need to understand the importance of branding ourselves, so we can advance in whatever field we want to pursue.

The ability for an individual to create, build, grow and leverage a sustainable global brand from anywhere in the world is today a reality – p.4

Young introduces you to some micro mavens, an important thing to do, because it helps you to identify with them.

They are interesting people who have made the leap to micro maven status – they are dominating their niche. They may not have seen themselves as micro mavens in progress, but after the fact, you can see it, and with that information in the back of your mind, you can see there is a way to set yourself on the micro maven path.

Importantly, it is the combination of traits, qualities and expertise that makes micro mavens what they are – p.25

Young talks about “The power of authenticity.” Here, he is building you up so you understand what you need to do, to become a micro maven yourself. This is a lot more than a report. It is really a how-to.

There really is power in social participation, but people often get social completely wrong. The micro maven has it around the other way, because they learn to leverage social to meet their goals. Even so, micro mavens are human, and nothing is perfect, but if they fail, the key is to learn from the failure. P48

In the section on “Relentless Giving,” Young’s advice, about giving useful content, shows you how the Micro Maven can beat old-school established business in the same niche. Most larger businesses don’t understand social, and they want to be paid for everything they do. As a Micro Maven, you can make a personal connection with the individuals you connect with. The Micro Maven builds credibility and trust by giving valuable information (but not everything). The place for most of the giving is on your own blog, where you have complete control. Visitors to your blog have been attracted there to learn something. Be sure the blog is not just a sales pitch, and don’t make your social sharing into a sales pitch. Young advises you to leverage social media to spread out interesting breadcrumbs that lead people back to read your content.

This is excellent advice if you are already familiar with sharing on social media, but there is a trap in social sharing that any of us can fall into. More on that at the end of this review …

While most social places accept you sharing your own work, it can be a problem in others. This needs to be understood, because it can derail your path to Micro Maven status, if you abuse the community. So be sure that you understand the community you are sharing in, that it might care about what you are sharing, and be sure to be a contributor, not a one-track self promoter.

Young’s “Introducing The Micro Maven Blueprint” is a great plan to understand and follow. These are important concepts, a section to be marked to re-read later.

“Develop a platform,” explains what a platform is, why you need one and how to build it. This is another section that you should revisit because there are 26 pages of great ideas and it will take time for all of these to sink into your thoughts of how to use them. There are many gems here.

Young also points to an excellent leadership author, Michael Hyatt, whose book “Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World” goes into depth on your platform. You don’t need to do everything at once, just understand the concepts and get started.

The “Build your brand” and “Grow your business” sections are about getting started, preparing for the business you aim to build, and then expanding it. These two sections will also need to be revisited, so be sure to mark the pages as you see things you think can help you.

My goal is to fast-track your general understanding of the basics of public relations so you can use this knowledge to help give you the edge. p.109

The final part of the book walks you through the profiles of five successful Micro Mavens. You may have seen some of these people around, and as you read this part of the book, you could imagine yourself being in a similar position once you get going.

Even if you have self-doubt, you should know that most of us have that problem too, but you just have to get started. Dream a little, do some research and get started. (Did i say “get started” enough times?)

On the last page, just before the index, Trevor Young lists four ways to engage with him. This is great, because You don’t need to do this all on your own, you can get advice and interact with others. That is what social is all about.

Micro Domination By Example

I really enjoyed reading “Micro Domination.” Trevor Young gives you a blueprint to take you from where you are now to actual Micro Domination, showing you along the way how others have done it, in various niches. You may recognize some of their names. Gary Vaynerchuk is one, and the video below is well worth watching, because what Vaynerchuk tells you in a few minutes reinforces the concept of what Trevor Young says in the book.

All of the people in Young’s examples started with skill in a particular area and the desire to take it further. While they are in a great place now, it wasn’t always that way. They started very close to where you are now. You have an advantage over them, though, because you have Trevor Young’s blueprint to follow, to guide you towards where you want to go.

My advice is to read the book, mark interesting sections, make your plan and get started.

Connect with Trevor Young at his microDomination website

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