Peer Inside My Soul and See Me Book Review

‘Peer Inside My Soul and See Me’ is a really beautiful compilation of extremely deep poems. I do feel like the title fits the book so well. De Ann has a flair for writing poetry and it really shows in this book. I feel like in these poems, she opened up and gave us a glance into her deepest most heartfelt thoughts.

She did a great job picking the poems to put this compilation together. They flow very well together. The poems themselves are beautiful, deep, and heartfelt and they really help you get to know the author. I have never been a big poetry reader simply because it just didn’t click with me but I really enjoyed this book and De Ann’s poetry. I think she did a wonderful job with this book and poetry readers will love it!

Peer Inside My Soul and See Me

De Ann Townes Jr.

Publisher: Xlibris, Corp

Publishing Date: May 31, 2011

ISBN: 9781462859016

Genre: Poetry