New Book Inspires Readers to Take a Risk and Embrace Change

Pull up your big girls pants and fake it ’till you make it!

Take a Risk, Make a Change and Become The Person You Always Wanted to Be

When Randi Sherman was about to hit a “certain” milestone birthday, she took a good long look in the mirror and asked “If not now, when am I going to follow my dream? I was not put on this earth to toil and help everyone else achieve their goals. It’s my turn and I’ve waited long enough.”

A former amateur comedienne and passionate storyteller, Sherman finally stopped making excuses and finished her debut book, Paula Takes a Risk.

The metamorphosis in Paula Takes A Risk is a result of dreaming, desperation, courage and humor. It’s not about makeovers, becoming beautiful and finding a mate. Paula takes a risk, makes a change and becomes the person she always wanted to be.

Paula Tenenbaum spends her days doing only what is expected of her, not making any waves, reading celebrity magazines, and believing the dream life is for everyone else but her. Living in a rundown apartment, with a refrigerator as her favorite distraction, she is living a mundane life. To make matters worse, she has lost her job, her boyfriend, and has no future prospects. Life just isn’t working out for Paula.

Life changes abruptly when her neighbor, Larry, who is broke and deep in debt, unwittingly draws Paula into an adventure. She naively agrees to his plans to pose as a successful businesswoman and join in a money making scheme. Too desperate, too afraid and too involved to step away, she creates and lives a lie as she takes on the persona of the person she always wanted to be, navigating her way through business and social situations until the whole plan starts to unravel.

Their scheme and lies are uncovered and investigations ensue, but what happens next will delight the reader.

“Paula Takes a Risk” will inspire and resonate with:

– ‘Entertainers’ – Women who want to be exciting and dynamic but are a little self conscious and afraid to take the risk. They aspire to be entertainers.

– ‘The Underdog’ – Women who either date or are married but want to be more dynamic. They worry about their how they are perceived and love to read or watch celebrity magazines and shows. They love to laugh and silently identify with the underdog.

– ‘The Daydreamer’ – She feels stuck in a job or situation because of the economy or her own expectations. She spends her free time dreaming about taking a risk or making a change but lacks the courage.

– ‘Wannabes’ – A woman who fantasizes about life on the ‘A’ list but lacks the confidence and belief in her self to make a change.

– ‘Drama Queens’ – Gay men who love all things theatrical, celebrity life, fashion and champion the underdog.

I hope readers find a little bit of Paula in themselves, and learn they can do or be anything they want. It just takes bravery with a little naivete sprinkled on top!

Randi Sherman is a native Californian and lives in San Francisco. She has always been able to find humor in the mundane and share the laughter. Sherman has performed stand-up comedy on amateur nights in Los Angeles and studied improvisation in San Francisco. By day Sherman is an independent IT and healthcare consultant, but by night she takes a risk and is making her dreams come true.

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