King Muhammad Becomes ‘The Black – White Supremacist’ With New Book

Today we have more news from the ever-so-controversial author and Prophet – King Nazir Muhammad that we think will grab your attention.

Today Muhammad is making waves in the African American community after sending out a blog advertisement for his new book ( White America’s Messiah ) via email.

In a short interview with Muhammad, he tells us that his new book was inspired by the controversial comedy sketch by comedian Dave Chappelle called “The Black / White Supremacist.”


Muhammad says that although the sketch was meant to be a joke, he saw so much of his own personal views in it.

Muhammad says that this new book White America’s Messiah is based around that same concept, except that he is speaking from real life experiences with blacks. But there is a twist to this book’s concept. Muhammad suggests that “The Black Messiah” that African Americans are hoping for has no intention of saving blacks from oppression.

In this book, Muhammad asked the Question “what if Christ rejected his own people before they could reject him?” This is a very unique perspective on the concept of the messiah, a man who doesn’t want to save his people and sides with their oppressors.

This concept, Muhammad says, is “Total Anti-Christ” and many blacks will not find his book as funny as Dave Chappelle’s Skit. But the idea behind the book is identical to the sketch because “black people’s negative culture and views have caused me so much misery in my life. And if I were the black messiah I would reject [them] and have [them] crucified, because many are not worth saving. And if that makes me an Uncle Tom or a Black – White Supremacist then that’s cool with me.”

Watch the Comedy Sketch by Dave Chappelle

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