Joe Fitzpatrick: ‘Cooking Continues to Become Part of The Fitzpatrick Tradition’

For most of the world, Sunday is the last day of the week(end), not the first day of the week. It is the day where everyone can sleep in after a late night with friends; another day, another dollar. For men, it is the day of football, while it is the night of Desperate Housewives for women. However, for some like Joe Fitzpatrick and his family, Sundays should be the day of the Sabbath and the day of supper.

“When my kids were little”, he said, “when they started to become teenagers, they wanted to get jobs, and that was fine. I’ve been a hard worker. But Sundays is supposed to be faith and family. If you want to celebrate football, bring some friends and food. Have a good time. It’s a way of communicating.”

His book Strictly Sundays, released several weeks ago, is available on his official website ( and on A book eight years in the works on behalf of his daughter, he shares with readers his recipes as well as his mother’s, as cooking continues to become part of the Fitzpatrick tradition. Joe and his wife have a 29-year-old daughter, a 27-year-old son, a 24-year-old son, and two young grandchildren.

“I gave away my secrets. That’s why the cookbook is a reference” Fitzpatrick continued.

“I really think today, we’re in a world of hurry. Let’s take one day and dedicate it to family. I designed this book for the holidays; this is a go-to book. I hope people will grab this. I love to cook, it is my number one; you can call it a hobby. I didn’t want to make cooking a job. It is such a good feeling to be around warm friends and family.”

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