Is This a ‘Time Traveller’ at 1928 Charlie Chaplin Film Premiere?

I must admit, when I first came across this story I assumed there would be a fairly simple explanation to what I was seeing, but I’m just as puzzled as Irish filmmaker George Clarke who discovered it.

In the video below, you will notice a woman (or a man dressed as a woman) talking into what appears to be a mobile phone.

Obviously, such devices did not exist in 1928 and you have to wonder what else the person could possibly be doing.

Whilst the idea that a “Time Traveller” has been caught on film outside a Charlie Chaplin film premiere seems extremely hard to believe, anything is possible if you keep an open mind.

Charlie Chaplin Time Traveller

Some of the comments left in response to this video tend to support the public’s ignorance when it comes to encountering unexplained mysteries. One commented that a mobile phone would not work without “cell towers,” basing their statement on the technology that exists in our current time. Surely, if someone was able to travel back in time, is it not feasible that they have some form of communicator that can do the same?

Of course, the person in the video may just be holding some very ordinary device against her/his ear and talking to themselves, I’m sure there are plenty of people who do that, even in this time.

Time travel is certainly an interesting subject and views vary on whether it is possible or not. In theory, a person can physically travel into the future, if they are able to travel fast enough. Some believe that if we can travel ahead in time, we can only return to the date in which we began our journey.

Personally, I am unsure whether physical time travel is possible, but I do believe that our minds can see events in the future (which occur in dreams). As our brains transmit and receive “radio waves,” it is easier to accept that these can travel at great distances and speeds.

Many people have had accurate dreams of future events (I’ve also experienced these), but whether this is our brain looking ahead in time, or receiving images from our future self, no one knows. I did send Stephen Hawking an email on this topic, with the hope that he may have the ability to research this further.

It was my interest (and personal experiences) that encouraged me to write the book “The Unexplained Explored,” which covers a number of unusual topics like Time Travel, Future Dreams, ESP, Ghosts, UFO’s, Life after death and others. Apart from offering logical explanations on these subjects, I have also speculated on some of the topics as well. It is my hope that readers will find the information interesting, and at the same time encourage others to explore alternative theories.