Holding Fast: The Untold Story of the Mount Hood Tragedy Debuts Nov. 2008

In December 2006, the entire world was waiting in distress to know the fate of three climbers that were trapped on Mount Hood in one of the toughest storms on the mountain in the last decade. This intense search for the climbers was a top story at the time.

One of them, Kelly James, was trapped in a snow cave and called his wife Karen – leaving the world praying for a miracle during the holiday season. The climbers’ families went below Mt. Hood to pray for the safe return of their loved ones. Alas, it was never meant to be. Though the climbers ultimately faced a tragic fate, their families never gave up hope.

Mount Hood Tragedy

But now, a year after investigating and uncovering facts of her husband’s death, Kelly James has come full circle in revealing what happened in her book, Holding Fast: The Untold Story of the Mount Hood Tragedy. The book gives readers the opportunity to experience James’ raw emotions, fears, and beliefs about what happened on the mountain. James reveals that her faith gave a new understanding of love, peace and purpose, as Holding Fast tells of a husband’s love for God and his family.

The book also reveals exclusive photos from Kelly’s camera retrieved from Mt. Hood, and important details of the search-and-rescue efforts that includes investigators revealing the cause of the tragedy.

“I expect that fans of Into Thin Air and Touching the Void will thrill at the tale – the daring rescue, the blistering cold, the trials on the mountain” said vice president and publisher Joel Miller.

“But I expect that people from every walk of life will touch the same fears, hopes, doubts, and soul-calming sense of purpose when they read Karen James’ story.”

Holding Fast: The Untold Story of the Mount Hood Tragedy will be out in bookstores November 11, 2008.

Source: Christian Newswire