Don’t Panic Book Review

Author Lindsay Paige is back with her newest novel, ‘Don’t Panic’. Samantha, the heroine, is a high school student. Sam has begun to experience strange symptoms.

Trembling hands, sweats, and nausea appear out of the blue. After one such occurrence, she runs to a nearby restroom to escape. Teachers are less than supportive and her mother doesn’t believe her symptoms are real. When a boy she’s never met follows her into the restroom, finally, she feels as if someone understands.

Eli calms Samantha with thoughts of her favorite songs and really seems to want to help. When all others around her doubt her, he believes. But, Eli knows more about Sam’s issue than she thinks. He, too, has suffered panic attacks and sought therapy to help. Because he’s more knowledgeable about this topic than she is, she takes his counsel carefully. Panic attacks may be what brought them together, but will more bloom to keep them that way?


Lindsay Paige has written a realistic fictional romance that will help many young people. These attacks are much more prevalent in today’s society than ever before. As someone who’s had them, I can say with certainty that they aren’t fun.

Eli is an adorable character. How refreshing to have a hero with actual sympathy towards his damsel in distress. He’s a pleasant young man & well-mannered. Samantha’s mom was disappointing as I wished she’d have had a bit more faith in her child. Teenagers can be challenging, but I’d have preferred that the mom was there for her daughter. Samantha’s role was typical of a panic attack sufferer. I felt Lindsay Paige wrote her appropriately. ‘Don’t Panic’ will absolutely appeal to romance fans & teens who may be going through a similar experience.

Well-written for its genre, I give it a 5 of 5 star rating. I received 1 eBook in order to write my review. No further compensation was provided. All opinions are mine. You can find Lindsay Paige’s works at book retailers such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Liz Terek is a book reviewer, housewife and homeschooling Mom of 3 sons. She lives in a very rural area and is actively involved in the local church and in community needs projects.