Curse of the Crimson Dragon Book Review

You’ve heard about “The Greatest Generation” from TV and newscasters, read about them and seen documentaries about them. Well, here’s your chance to follow one in action in Tony Piazza’s latest book, The Curse of the Crimson Dragon.

After his honorable discharge from the Air Force, in 1944, “Rouge” Ryan starts life anew on the Island of Hawaii. With his wartime buddy and POW pal, Reggie Manning, he sets up a charter flight service, leaving the perils of war far behind him. Or, so he thinks. Sure, Ryan and Manning have helped the local Honolulu police solve a case or two, but nothing like they were about to find themselves involved in when they are called on by government agents to help them find a missing fission scientist who has disappeared while on the Island of Maui.

In the course of searching they discover the scientist’s daughter has been lured into a kidnapping and now they must find her as well. And – for added excitement – our heroes Ryan and Manning must solve the mystery of the “The Curse of the Crimson Dragon.” But in doing so they must face ruthless adversaries, incredible dangers, and countless close calls – all while constantly outsmarting their enemies – and race the Third Reich to a terrifying discovery that could change the course of the war and freedom as the world knows it. But that’s what Ryan and Manning are all about, so it’s no surprise when the FBI shows up to ask for their help.

Story for All Generations

The Curse of the Crimson Dragon is a story for all generations and those who love adventure, intrigue and mystery and a touch of romance. It is also an especially great read for those of us who were born during WWII or shortly thereafter. The Baby Boomer generation, if you will. We recall how our lives were affected by the post war years, the uniforms, the war surplus stores, the family photos, and the letters from overseas. Stories like this help us know those WWII heroes just a little better.

The author of The Curse of the Crimson Dragon, Tony Piazza, is a talented writer who creates characters that come to life as you read; the kind of characters that stay with you all day long until you pick the book up again compelled to find out how it all turns out. Piazza’s first book, Anything short of Murder, was set in old-time, classic Hollywood. The book was a best seller with a sequel is in progress.

Piazza has had a long and varied career. He worked in the film industry for over 10 years during the 1970 as an actor, extra and stand-in. During those years, Tony worked with some of the greatest stars in film history: Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, Clint Eastwood, Michael Douglas and Karl Malden, to name but a few.

He earned a biology degree in 1980 and worked in scientific research at University of the Pacific and University of California San Francisco and for the Pathology department at San Francisco’s Veterans administration hospital. As a biologist, Tony co-authored several research papers that were published in scientific journals. With that formidable background, I can understand Piazza’s vast knowledge of the scientific terms that he uses so well with sharp accuracy in his most recent and exciting new book.

If you love a good mystery, be sure to check out The Curse of the Crimson Dragon.

The Curse of the Crimson Dragon by Tony Piazza (Aug 30, 2014)

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