California Dreaming Book Review

This is the final installment of Anna, Cammie, Sam, and Dee’s journey. ‘California dreaming’ was a great finale to a great series. It starts out with heart pumping adrenaline and life changing scenes and ends with calming but yet life-changing scenes. This book had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I couldn’t wait to turn the page and find out what would happen next if you have followed the series and have loved the characters you absolutely need to read this book because it is phenomenal and it gives you a great ending to the characters you love so much.

The cover of ‘California dreaming’ is beautiful showcasing the Beverly Hills Hotel, a black sleek sports car, and a pretty blonde girl in a green dress, with a smile that would light up any room.

That really draws in the reader not only is it a good cover to fit with the story but I think overall it would make anyone pick it up and read what it’s about.

So in this book we see our entire favorite A-List characters, slowly turn into adults. The book starts off with where the last book left off which is a tad bit different from the other books that tended to skip a few weeks in time. This is Anna on the plane, which doesn’t exactly go good for her. It takes a life or death turn, which catches the eye of everyone else after that everyone really starts to do some hardcore thinking on what they really want to do with their lives and their futures. They are all looking at the fact that life could end tomorrow so they really need to figure out what to do.

With big decisions in store for the group like whether Anna’s going to go to Yale or Bali, whether Sam wants to get married and go to Paris to stay and go to USC, Cammie’s decision of what to do with Adam and the club her and Ben have pulled together. You really have no idea what anyone is going to choose. There is a lot of drama in the final installment but it’s more of an adult level of drama. They are trying to figure things out about themselves and their future and that is a new side to all of them.

For example Anna’s path has been laid out for her from the beginning; Yale was her destination since she could talk. Yet in this book she is really considering not going to Yale at all. It’s very intriguing and emotional to watch her go through all of these events that led up to her final decision. It’s like that for almost all the main characters in this book. Although there were a few typos just like with all the other books, it was a really great read.

‘California Dreaming’ made me laugh and cry. It was an emotional roller coaster and I loved it! There were heart wrenching moments and moments of pure joy. All around it was a beautifully written book and a perfect ending to the characters stories.

California Dreaming

A-List # 10

Zoey Dean

Little, Brown and Company