Book Review: Who is White America’s Messiah?

BOOK REVIEW: Controversial Author King Nazir Muhammad has delivered a literary masterpiece with his new underground bestseller “White America’s Messiah.” At first glance at the title I thought this book had to be about Jesus or Donald Trump, but surprisingly it is not about a white person at all – well not exactly.

This book has a very original story-line about a black kid based in what the author calls “a real life scenario” concerning the long awaited Black Messiah.”

So the story tells of a black child born to be the long-awaited messiah to blacks in America, but throughout his childhood, he was rejected and abused by blacks. And because of this abuse, he grew angry and resentful of his own race. That resulted in him defying his god-given purpose and mission to bring salvation to blacks.

Fortunately the young messiah found acceptance and support in the white community.” So he decided to favor White America and give them the blessings of financial, spiritual and racial emancipation. And through these blessings, America was transformed into the world’s new holy land – and the envy of all the nations.

So to put it plainly The Black Messiah becomes White America’s Messiah.”

I don’t want to give the whole story away, but for blacks, this story is a total reversal of the concept long told about the coming of a black messiah. And it is a testament to how the rejection and abuse of children not only affects the child but in this case caused an entire race to lose the blessings of god.

Muhammad has outdone himself once again and delivered a 5 STAR work that is sure to become a collector’s item. And without a doubt this will be a concept Black America will continue to ponder for a long time. – It Is A MUST READ.

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