BOOK REVIEW: Looking At America Through the Eyes of a Schizophrenic

A new collection of books is a bold effort to give a voice to America’s most voiceless, isolated and probably the most pre-judged group ever – the mentally ill. (The Schizophrenic Messiah) Author King Nazir Muhammad has created a collection of books called – Looking At America Through The Eyes of A Schizophrenic.

This collection offers a virtual alternate reality, entertaining you with an “other world perspective” on racism, sexism, homosexuality, politics, culture and religious issues. All these are seen through the eyes of a mentally ill author, who gives you a 3D look into how a Schizophrenic sees the world.

It will bend your mind and have you second guessing what is normal as the author stigmatizes “the so-called normal people” as the real nut-bags. And not being responsible for his actions gives the author unlimited freedom to contradict society’s norms in a way never heard before.

If only the world would listen

“The mentally ill have an opinion that the world refuses to listen to because they are mentally ill. But what if their opinion is the missing point of view that could solve society’s sicknesses ? Because only the sick can tell you what the sick need to better their condition … If only the world would listen.” – King Nazir Muhammad

After reading these books, if you still want to write the author off as crazy, this collection will at least prove that “crazy doesn’t mean stupid.” Not by far. But it seems that one thing is for sure, there is a method to the madness of this author that will make the world pay more attention to people with mental illnesses.

And when you regain your sanity you will never look at America quite the same way again.

5 STARS, Looking At America Through The Eyes of A Schizophrenic is Unique and Entertaining.

See the entire collection by clicking This Link. Note that this is not a single book, it is a collection, currently made up of twelve books.

Looking At America Through The Eyes of A Schizophrenic.
Looking At America Through The Eyes of A Schizophrenic.

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