Book Review: Escape From Iran

What a timely read with all the interest going on in Iran. The CIA and President are trying to find out information on how and where these individuals are getting the materials and chemicals they are buying in large quantities.

Alex Blair a wealthy businessman has no idea that an old friend of his Robert McClelland would be the secret to what the CIA and the President wanted. With several fast meetings with the CIA, Blair agreed reluctantly to go to Iran to meet with his old friend. Knowing that this could result in his death Blair continually questioned why he was chosen.

Once in Iran, Blair was given secret telecommunicating devices, weapons and a list of secret meeting places. Still confused and concerned Blair does what he is told to do. But a surprise of two other people wanting to escape pops into the scenario. What happens next is daring, thrilling and scary.

The author Gray Garland has done his research and it shows in his writing. He provides just enough detail about the CIA and Presidential workings that it doesn’t bog the reading down. His characters, events are written in such a manner that one can’t put the book down for fear they will miss something important. This is an easy read and sit on the edge of your chair story.

Escape From Iran

G. Gray Garland


1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 200

Bloomington, IN 47403

ISBN: 1438933592


Will Have You On Edge of Seat

4 Stars