Bestseller Author Robert Bakke Asserts ‘Pray and Work Go Together’

Robert Bakke’s new Amazon Best Seller, Prayer at Full Throttle fearlessly puts “works” back into the faith equation and proves to its readers that miracles are possible when they put their gifts to work. “Trust me, if God will work through me, He’ll work through anybody,” says Bakke, who then cautions, “Be careful around those who say God’s blessings don’t depend on what we ‘do.’

That’s a setup for failure.

By grace we don’t earn salvation, but from that day forward if you’re expecting your faith to produce miracles you better plan on rolling up your sleeves. Magic fairy dust doesn’t just fall from the sky.” Bakke’s honesty and realism connects with readers. He adds, “We don’t win races by prayer alone. We pray, and get to work. And we work hard.”

Given Bakke’s resume’ it would appear he’s on to something. Prayer at Full Throttle teaches people to pray their miracles into reality by allowing the full power of God’s Word to work through them, but they have to get to work, first. “Check the fruit,” says Bakke. The book includes photos to validate its effectiveness.

Prayer at Full Throttle is packed with simple stories and practical Bible scriptures that motivate people in the direction of their blessing, reward or miracle. Bakke explains, “The Bible clearly states that ‘Faith without works is dead,’ and that the Lord ‘rewards those who diligently seek Him.’ Unfortunately, words like diligently seek are constantly being pushed aside. The word ‘Diligently’ is defined as painstaking effort. How much clearer can it be?”

About the Author, Robert Bakke

Robert Bakke is a jet captain and aerobatic flight instructor; a black belt, karate instructor and regional champion; a ski instructor; a race car driver; a best-selling author, and was running a multi-million dollar company by the age of 24. After shattering numerous sales records, Bakke eventually saluted good-bye to his business career and moved on to captain jet aircraft and teach the “performance” of God’s Word.

He received his Certificate of Ordination as a Minister of the Gospel on April 15, 2012. Bakke is available for interviews and appearances.