Barack Obama: Making History Book Review

“Like millions of women across America, I wear so many hats, and play so many roles each day. I am a professional, wife, daughter, sister and best friend. But the role that I cherish the most is the role of Mom”

Above all else, I want my girls to be happy and healthy. They’re all I think about from the moment I wake up until I tuck them in at night. I want them to grow up in a world where they can dream and achieve without limits. If Malia or Sashaever decided o pursue a career in politics, I would support them and encourage them to follow their dreams.”

Barack Obama Making History
Barack Obama: Making History

— Excerpted from interview with Michelle Obama (page 15)

With the country less than a month away from what’s promising to be an historic presidential election, what better way to mark that groundbreaking moment than with a limited edition commemorative not only filled with dozens of Obama family photos but revealing interviews with both Barack and Michelle? That inspired idea occurred to publisher Rosalind “Bee” Harris, given that her hometown of Denver would be hosting the Democratic National Convention.

Bee’s brainchild is Barack Obama: Making History, a coffee table book edited by Tanya Ishikawa. Besides the aforementioned interviews, this informative opus contains a biography of Barack and an article about his meteoric rise. In addition, there’s a piece comparing the 1908 and 2008 Democratic Conventions, both of which were staged in Denver. And there’s a profile of Pastor Leah Daughtry (daughter of long-time NYC civil rights activist Reverend Herbert Daughtry) who served as CEO of the convention.

Its handsome cover features a stunningly realistic drawing of Obama by award-winning artist Jack Price, and the text begins

thereafter on page one with a touching tribute entitled, “Blessed Brother Barack” by poet Helen Littlejohn. Best of all, it’s for a good cause, provided you’re supporting the Senator from Illinois, since a portion of the proceeds of this cherished keepsake will be contributed directly to the Obama campaign.

Rosalind Bee Harris
Rosalind ‘Bee’ Harris

To order a copy of Barack Obama: Making History, call (303) 292-6446

Or email: [email protected]

Edited by Tanya Ishikawa

Rolado, LLC

Paperback, $20.00

48 pages, illustrated

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