Awakened (House of Night #8) Book Review

So this is the eighth book in this series and I have to be honest I don’t really see where else this series can go. I cannot just stop in the middle of a series. I have no idea why I can’t just let it go but I can’t. I must know what happens to these characters, so I will continue to read these House of Night novels no matter how many they come out with.

In this book, we see Zoey has returned from the Otherworld and is hesitant to return to all the evil that she has to fight back at the House of Night, eventhough all her friends have returned and so has Neferet. Eventually after Neferet pulls out her evil claws and goes to some extremes to get Zoey to come back, Zoey does return to the House of Night in mourning. When the group finally gets all back together it’s time to figure out what the next step to take is to defeat this evil that never seems to diminish in these books.

However now Rephaim and Stevie Rae are now in quite the predicament now that everyone is back in Tulsa, will they separate for good and break their imprint or expose themselves to everyone?

I did enjoy this book, mainly because of Stevie Rae’s story. Her and Rephaim’s story is a nice departure from the normal House of Night drama. I really do love this series and the characters but I really think someone needs to win at this point. Or something big and unexpected needs to happen where it changes the course of the story or eliminates Neferet or Kalona. I mean I am starting to get bored with Neferet getting away with everything. Come on everyone can’t be that blind forever! Have Kalona destroy her and Kalona be the main enemy or something. As far as I am concerned he is a much more entertaining villain. You never know what he is going to do.

Other than the Rephaim and Stevie Rae story most it was just filler for the story. I wish there would have been more of a battle at the end of the book. I felt like it led up to this big ending but the ending came up short for me, especially when it comes to fighting Kalona and Neferet.

Overall I was definitely sucked into this book just like every other book in this series and I like ‘Awakened’. I just can’t seem to get enough of these characters. I will have to read ‘Destined’ for sure.


P.C Cast and Kristin Cast

St. Martin’s Griffin

Publishing Date: June 5, 2012

ISBN: 9780312387976

Genre: paranormal/ vampire