Authors Outraged Over Violence Epidemic

Authors Donna M. Kshir (Pennsylvania) and Sandra Potter (Michigan) are outraged over the domestic violence and child abuse epidemic overwhelming our society.

Kshir and Potter state they are not demanding affirmative action; an eye for and eye, but education to teach children and teenagers, as well as adults the difference between good touch, bad touch and the signs and symptoms of abuse.

Both women believe if society is properly educated at an early age it will teach young children violence is not the answer. As children grow into teenagers and young adults the values will be installed and they will know it is not appropriate to put their hands on another person in anger.

Their goal is to make the general public aware domestic violence and child abuse is not a game and it’s definitely no joke. It is deadly for all parties involved.

Some people are naive to the word violence. Those same people believe abuse only happens in poverty stricken homes and to uneducated people, but the truth is abuse does not discriminate. It happens in the best of homes by both men and women, regardless of race, color or sexual orientation.

Kshir and Potter combined their talents by writing a series of books based on personal experiences, extensive research and firsthand knowledge of the turmoil, trauma and life-long effects abuse can have on your life. If the public is properly educated it may help to stop this violent epidemic plaguing our nation.

What do you do when you are being brutally beaten, raped and living in constant fear? “Unnecessary Roughness: Til death do us part…” is a raw account of one woman’s dramatic story of domestic violence.

Only two weeks into her marriage Danica began to see her relationship with Tyler in a whole new light. Tyler wasn’t the same man he was before they married. She noticed there was something different about him. He was more controlling, desperate and hid behind a mask of anger and rage.

Tyler soon began hitting on Danica which in turn escalated into beatings. Danica was a pro at covering her bruises and marks by disguising it with make-up and clothing. Like others before her, she is faced with the fear of embarrassment.

Danica could never let her secret be known. Not only would it ruin her established career, but also her reputation and position within society.

Danica’s secret story was finally revealed after a detailed account of her dramatic story of domestic violence was found in a journal in her attic.

This powerful story takes our reader through the vicious cycles of abuse, shattered dreams, broken promises and the brutal reality of the effects domestic violence has and what eventually cost Danica her life.

In addition to their domestic violence release the duo has also released, “The Child Abuse Survivor Project,” the first edition of their child abuse series.

The Child Abuse Survivor Project is intended to help men, women and children who have been affected by child abuse by publishing real stories of real abuse. These personal stories detail personal acts of extreme mental, emotional, physical and sexual childhood abuse and the overwhelming impact it has on one’s life.

The Child Abuse Survivor Project is a community social action project. It recognizes the adversity which those victimized by child abuse have survived and validates their heroic resilience to the abuse they suffered. Both women want to honor the strength, spirit and courage of abuse survivors by empowering them to speak out against the abuse they have endured at the hands of their abusers.

Their goal is to make this project one of healing, validation and inspiration to others. This project began in hopes of giving light to all abuse victims by letting them know they are not alone and that, together, we can and will make a difference.

Kshir and Potter know the only way to fight child abuse is to deter those who abuse children by exposing the real truth behind the secrets they use to lure innocent children into their deceitful web. The public needs to know how manipulative and cruel abusers can be, how to fight back, and how to survive. Both women believe education and knowledge is the key to prevention. If the public is properly educated on abuse it may help to put an end to this violent epidemic plaguing our nation.

Kshir and Potter are currently working on upcoming benefits and speaking events and will also be guest appearing on various radio stations to discuss Dreamcatchers for Abused Children. Kshir is the Marketing Director and Potter is the CEO and Founder of Dreamcatchers for Abused Children which is a nonprofit 501(c)3 child abuse and neglect organization founded in 2007. With over 30,000 members they continue to educate the public on the signs and symptoms of child abuse, statistics, intervention, reporting, prevention, and assisting victims in their recovery.

Books are currently available at, but they will also be available through and, over the next few weeks.

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