Atlanta Book Company Fails to Deliver

If you are ordering books online, beware of ordering from Atlanta Book Company owned by Thrift Books. We ordered a book from them via Amazon a month ago, and the item was supposed to be delivered to us by December 28, 2011. While the five other books we ordered got to us from five other different companies before Christmas, the book from Atlanta Book Company never made it.

Now, going in to the second week of 2012 in January, we have still not gotten our item. The company has no phone number to contact a live human being, and when we e-mailed them asking for a phone number to contact them, or for a phone call, they e-mailed back, ignoring our request, and asking for an account number which we sent them. While most experiences we have had with Amazon vendors have been great, Atlanta Books owned by Thrift Books has been the worst. Beware giving them your money. You just might not get what you pay for.

Bruce Edwin is editor of The Hollywood Sentinel and President of Starpower Management, the celebrity focused model and talent firm. Contact Bruce at