Action Comics #1 Broke $2 Million Record Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

On Wednesday, a rare copy of Action Comics #1 broke a record as the most money paid for a comic book at a price of $2.16 million dollars. The issue is well known as the 1938 debut of Superman, the Man of Steel fighting for truth, justice, and the American Way; back then, it only cost a dime.

“When we broke the record in 2010 by selling the Action Comics No. 1, graded at 8.5, for $1.5 million, I truly believed that this was a record that would stand for many years to come” states Stephen Fishler, CEO of Metropolis Collectible and, where the online auction took place with the bid starting at one dollar but with a reserve price of $900,000.

It is said to be reported that 100 copies of Action Comics‘ first issue still exists — including several in mint condition.

“Not in my wildest imagination could I have predicted that this legendary, stolen Action Comics No. 1 would be found, graded at 9.0 and break the record a year and a half later” Fishler said.

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