A Life Destroyed: A Book By Jayne Sterne

“It is the darkness that I remember most of all. The darkness and the strangeness of it all.”

These are the opening lines of one of the most touching and heartfelt stories I’ve ever read. This is the story of a young girl living a nightmare, unable to reach out for help. Unable to fight back. Most scarily of all, it’s true.

I first came across the prologue of this book on http://www.urbis.com. I was taken in by Jayne Sterne’s writing and quickly wrote a review. Later, I had a message from Jayne Sterne informing me that her prologue was part of a book that was now on sale. I ordered it that hour and waited…

It was worth the wait.

When I discovered the events in the book were true I was horrified. And, once you all read it, you will be too. This stuff happens a lot more than we think.

Jayne is an 8-year-old girl who has lived a good part of her life moving around and having to adapt to constant changes. Then a monster enters her life and destroys it.

This is a true story of abuse and each word touched me deeply. There are times I cried and times of relief. Not a page goes by when my eyes weren’t firmly fixed on the words of these horrific events. I don’t want to give too much away as I urge you to purchase this book and see for yourself the powerful effect Jayne Sterne’s words hold.

Have you ever felt alone? Ever felt you need someone to talk to? I just read this book and those feelings disappeared. The story itself helped me to put my worries into perspective. And the way Jayne Sterne writes, you feel as if she is talking to you. Her eloquent flow of words is soothing and comforting despite the horrors she has to tell. The strength of this woman is both inspiring and admirable.

“…because I know only too well what can happen when those essential gifts that every adult can give are taken away.”

Khadijah is a UK writer and blogger just starting out. Mother of one, works from home and has many reading interests including, fiction, linguistics and biography. Working on her first novel for a Young Adult audience.