Bam Margera and Dennis Rodman Both Back in Rehab After DUI Charges

Bam Margera, former Jackass star, is back in rehab. The reality star and professional skateboarder entered rehab in the middle of January following an arrest. He was arrested for driving under the influence before checking himself into alcohol rehab.

The 38-year-old has been open about his alcohol addiction and even posted a photo of his friend on Instagram, thanking the friend for checking him into rehab.

Bam initially stated that he would have no access to his phone before posting a picture stating that he gets to use his phone for an hour daily. The star often posts on social media to stay connected to his fans. The one picture showed a poor placement of a urinal and bathroom sink that were installed nearly on top of each other.

He posted how he could floss and go to the bathroom at the same time in a comedic post.

Margera was seen on his cell phone prior to his arrest when a California Highway Patrol officer drove by. The officer interacted with Bam when he noticed signs that the star might be intoxicated. The officer performed a field sobriety test.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department confirms that Margera was booked and had his bail set at $15,000, which was promptly paid. He was out of custody by 2:30 p.m. and arrested around 8 a.m. earlier in the day.

It took just two days before reports emerged that he was heading to alcohol rehab.

Margera has opened up in the past about his alcohol abuse. He claims that his skateboarding career was derailed by bone spurs. He made money by making nightclub appearances, which led him to alcohol. He claims that he would end up drunk every night and knew he had to stop when he woke up in his own urine and vomit.

Despite his history of alcohol abuse, this is the first time that the star has been arrested for a DUI. He welcomed his first child in December and claims that he turned to skateboarding again after years of abusing alcohol.

Dennis Rodman, former NBA star, also went back to rehab this month after reports surfaced that the eccentric star was arrested for DUI.

Rodman’s agent claims that the star took it upon himself to enter rehab, claiming that he wants to get to the root cause of his battle with alcohol before it’s “too late.” The five-time NBA champion was last in rehab in 2014. He spent just three weeks in rehab as a patient at the Turning Point facility.

He has since been in trouble with the law after being charged in a wrong-way crash. He was charged with a hit-and-run. The former star was driving without a valid license and charged with giving false information to police.

Police officers, at the scene of Rodman’s arrest, made him perform a variety of sobriety tests that he failed. He also failed the breath test.

Rodman’s latest rehab stint lasted only a little over a week before reports surfaced that he is back home in a long-term outpatient treatment capacity.

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