5 Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Party

Hosting a party? You’ve finished the guest list, and you’ve chosen the venue. But how will you keep the guests entertained?

Finding entertainment is the most challenging and overwhelming part of the entire party-planning process. These five ideas will help you throw an unforgettable bash.

1. Virtual Reality Station

Take your guests to a whole new world – seriously. Virtual reality stations offer games, travel adventures and VR experiences that will leave guests coming back for more.

VR Arcade NOLA offers packages that include cameras, high-quality headsets, and a 360-degree experience. Four stations can be set up, which allow guests to compete against each other in contests as part of their 15-minute session.

The company offers 20 games and adventures, and custom programs can also be created for events. Options are available for guests of all ages – including children.

2. Photo Booth

Photo booths are a staple at any party. They give guests the chance to go home with tangible memories.

Conventional photo booth rental companies can be found in just about every city, but there are some companies that offer unique experiences. The Booth Boy Photo Booth, for example, offers open-air booths, which allow you to take photos in unique settings using a wide range of props.

3. Escape Room Adventure

An escape room adventure allows for an interactive experience that all guests can take part in. You can set up mini adventures for smaller groups, or you can set up one big adventure that all guests have to participate in.

Here’s how it works: The group is trapped in a room, and in order to get out, everyone must work together to solve puzzles and clues.

Escape rooms are fun, but they also promote teamwork and problem-solving. That’s why they make a great entertainment option for corporate parties and outings.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, Mobile Escape Room will actually bring the escape room to your location.

4. Food Truck Rodeo

Forget to hire a caterer – host a food truck rodeo instead. People love food trucks, and most cities have local vendors that can be booked for events.

From local gourmet to healthy, farm-to-table trucks, there’s something for all food tastes. And in most cases, you can negotiate a great price because the food truck will gain exposure that can lead to repeat business.

5. Outdoor Movie Night

Rent a big screen, pop some popcorn and set up chairs for outdoor movie night. This idea will only work during warm-weather nights, but is a great option for laid-back parties and allows you to choose the films you want to watch.

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.