XNSPY: The Parental Control App that is Making Waves on the Market

For many parents, having an app that can get the job done is necessary for them if they want to stay on top of things. Unlike any other parental controls selling on the market, the XNSPY Parental Control App is in a class by itself and making tremendous waves on the market today. It is so far one of the best spy apps available that any parent would love to own. The spy app comes with an array of features that makes the job of parenting a whole lot easier.

What is the XNSPY Parental Control App?

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Since smartphones and tablets technologies were introduced on the market some time ago, people can go online from anywhere and at any time. XNSPY Parental Control App was created to keep track of what users of the smartphones and tablets are viewing online. With this app, parents have the power to see what their children are viewing when they go online. The app is placed in a hidden position on the device where it is difficult to detect.

XNSPY Features

Here are some awesome features that the app has.

Has the capability to monitor kids

Not all children use their best judgement when browsing or using the internet. With the device securely attached to their smartphone or tablet, parents can spy on their children and find out exactly what they are up to online without them even knowing. Monitoring the kids properly is a job most parents relish and the spy app makes it a dream comes true. By registering and signing up with the company selling the tool, parents can have the ability to access all their kids’ phone data with the utmost of ease.

A GPS tracking feature

The spy tool comes with an outstanding feature known as the ‘View Location History’. Not only will this feature help parents know what their child is doing online but where his or her location is at any time during the day. By putting the tool on the inside of the child’s phone, parents can keep track of the kid’s whereabouts. In addition, the app comes with a ‘Watch List’ feature attached in its system so that parents can mark danger zones where their children should not enter and safe havens where they can go.

Other excellent features

Android phones that have an OS 4.0 and iPhones that uses iOS 7.0 go well with the XNSPY Parental Control App. It also works very well with higher versions as well. This app allows parents to spy on all incoming and outgoing call records associated with the kid’s phone. In addition, it cracks open any SMS messages sent out or received by the phone user. Furthermore, places a child visits on the web, all IM chat history, and photos as well as videos, parents can easily access as well as learn what is going on in the lives of their children.

The XNSPY Parental Control App is turning heads on the market as more parents are seeing the benefits of owning such a spy tool. With the app making such a great splash on the market today, consumers are sure to get their money’s worth.