XNSPY: Mobile Phone Spying App Taking The Market by Storm

For years I have often wondered what my son was up to when he is away from me. Some questions that would plague me are if he is keeping the wrong company, the places he goes to during his spare time and the type of conversations he indulges in with his friends on the phone. It was not until a friend of mine recommended the XNSPY mobile phone spying app to me that I finally got my revenge.

Today, the XNSPY mobile spying app is taking the market by storm and I am happy to be a part of this great revolution. With so many features the innovative spy app is boasting, I am able to get my money’s worth. Now I am able to monitor my son’s actions and lower the stress as well as anxiety attacks that I used to have when I was unable to know what he was doing while away from home.


Features of the Spy App I Depend on to Get the Job Done

  1. It has a watch list of places and geo-fencing

Often I wonder where my child is hanging out when he is not with me. Well, I need not worry anymore because the spy app comes with a watch list of marked places where I do not want him to go. By putting a no zone area in the geo-fencing or places I do not want him to go, I can get notified when he enters those areas. Now I can be at peace knowing that I know when my son is visiting the wrong places so I can do something about it.

  1. Surround recording

I often secretly use the surrounding recording to hear sounds close by and determine if the places my son is frequenting are safe. This awesome sneaky feature secretly picks up nearby sounds without giving the owner of the phone the simplest hint that the phone carries a spy app. What better way to know how badly or good the place a child visits than sneak a listening ear while you are miles away from him or her. Now this is one cool app to get on my child’s phone and have him or her accountable to me.

  1. Watch list words or contacts

The XNSPY mobile phone spying app allows me to know if certain words are being sent or received vie emails, IM chats, SMS and iMessages. By making the app target certain words or contacts, once they are used anytime on the phone a signal is sent to me. This is a great way I use to find out just when and how often my kid uses the wrong words in his communication with others. After all, having him to say the right things is a good way to start him off on the right track in life.

  1. I can block other apps from interfering

Certain apps like Skype, Whatsapp, Instagram, Kik, Line, Viber and Tinder does not stand a chance against the sheer power of the XNSPY spy app. Take for example if I do not want the mentioned apps to influence my son, I can simple use the block feature to stop them from showing up on the phone. By doing so, I limit the number of apps that he uses so that his teenage years will not be tarnished.

  1. Allows me to control the phone remotely

The spy app allows me to put in a remote control in the phone so that I can lock it at will. Not only am I allowed to lock the phone on the whim, but I can also erase any data from it that I might not want my son to refer back to. If any of the features in the spy app does not give me total control, the remote control feature does.

  1. Allows me to view videos and photos stored in the phone

Since the spy app is securely hidden in the phone, I can view my son’s stored videos and photos anytime I want to. This is a sure way to know what type of videos and pictures he is entertaining. What’s more is that I can view them without handling the phone device so that he will not become suspicious of me spying on him.

The XNSPY mobile phone spying app software will go the maximum to do its job well. It has all the wonderful features I need to make my son safe and accountable to me. In this way I can know more about what he is doing when he is away from me and hanging out with friends.