Wii Fit Plus – The Way To Get In Shape 21st Century Style!

Wii Fit Plus Saves Gym Membership

More people are turning to Wii Fit Plus to lose weight or get in shape instead of spending money on gym memberships.

Gym memberships cost anywhere from $30-$70 a month, and require a one year contract usually. You also have to travel to the gym as well which is going to cost you money for fuel. Thanks to Nintendo, for $99 (Or only $19.99 if you already have the original Wii Fit), Wii owners can lose weight or get in shape with the Wii Fit Plus.

Fun and fitness combined into one product, that’s Wii Fit Plus. It is so good that itcan change how you exercise, how you balance, and even how you move. The new Plus is an expansion of the original Wii Fit software. Wii Fit Plus is packed with features, including new exercises and tools to personalize your exercise routine. The great thing is that if you already had a profile on the original Wii Fit, you can transfer it to work with Wii Fit Plus

Also new in this edition are these three features:

  • My Wii Fit Plus
  • Training Plus
  • Calories Burned

The Wii Balance Board accessory was created from the ground up to work with Wii Fit. It’s an innovative peripheral for Wii that’s simple, fun, and it’s a great way to get you off of the couch and into the action. The Wii Balance Board can read your real-life movements and bring them to life on screen, just like the Wii Remote controller. Realistically snowboard down a mountain or walk a tight rope-it’s just one more way to get into the game.

So, if you’ve been thinking about getting into better shape but haven’t been motivated to go out to a gym, don’t like working out with other people or distractions, check this out. It also helps that the cost is a lot less than a gym membership.

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