VoIPSupply.com Expands Buffalo Headquarters

Company Emerges as Industry Leader in Internet Telephony / VoIP Products

VoIPSupply.com (www.voipsupply.com), a leading provider of Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone equipment, announced it has doubled the size of their Buffalo headquarters with the addition of 10,000 square feet of new office and warehouse space. The company now occupies a total of 20,000 square feet on Sonwil Drive.

“We have held ourselves to aggressive growth objectives and, so far, we are exceeding our targets,” said Benjamin Sayers, CEO of VoIPSupply.com. “Our sales have increased by 300% in the past year, and we expect to exceed $17 million in sales during 2005. This will demand an additional facilities need by early spring 2006.”

Half of the additional space will be used for provisioning, which involves custom configuration and testing of telephony equipment for custom orders and specialized customer needs, and will double VoIPSupply.com’s maximum shipping capability, according to Warehouse Manager Scott Dicey. The other half of the space will be used to house VoIPSupply.com’s ever expanding sales department.

“The expansion of our sales force is the result of increased demand for VoIP products, but it’s also an outgrowth of our customer service philosophy,” explained Brett Crandall, VP of Sales at VoIPSupply.com. “With the addition of a dedicated customer service team to ensure complete satisfaction, we have underscored our emphasis on outstanding customer service.”

“The VoIP industry continues to grow, and we have numerous advantages over our nearest competitors,” Sayers added. “First, we are the largest one-stop shop for IP telephony equipment, but – perhaps more importantly we have unparalleled support for our customers and resellers. In the coming months, we’ll introduce a comprehensive reseller program to put us even further out in front.”

voipsupply ben sayers
Benjamin Sayers, CEO of VoIPSupply.com

In addition to record revenue growth, VoIPSupply.com has forged strong partnerships with the distributors of top technology manufacturers, such as Cisco, Digium, Polycom and others. Sayers explained that these relationships, along with expert technical capability such as custom provisioning and support, have enabled VoIPSupply.com to emerge as the industry leader for Internet telephony components and services.

About VoIPSupply.com

VoIPSupply.com is the largest one-stop shop for Voice over IP components. In addition to a comprehensive catalog of IP phones, analog adapters, VoIP gateways, switches, routers, firewalls and software platforms, the company offers equipment provisioning, configuration support and logistical services for endtoend customer solutions.

Founded in 2002 by Benjamin Sayers, (see video below) the company is in the midst of rapid expansion, while it emerges as the leading VAR (value added reseller) in the VoIP market space. The company recently added 10,000 square feet of warehouse and office space to its headquarters on Sonwil Drive in Buffalo.

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