Understanding the Huge Differences Between Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality

Welcome to the new age of consciousness, one in which human perception can now be plugged into new and exciting worlds never before seen by mankind. With the advent of newfound technologies that boost human senses’ reach through digital mediums, there can indeed be some confusion regarding terminology.

Augmented reality is different to virtual reality.
Augmented reality is different to virtual reality.

A lot of people get confused between ar, vr, and mr. This article in particular, however, will be focusing on the differences between virtual reality and augmented reality, especially with regards to new developments in gaming.

What is Virtual Reality?

Most people have a rough idea of what virtual reality is. In its most common current form, people engage in virtual reality experiences by slipping on goggles-like devices that permit them to visually enter a digital medium, most commonly used for gaming.

Most gamers have always dreamed of entering their favorite games in a real way, and devices such as the latest Oculus Rift permit players to have a sensory injection into their game that is unbelievably realistic.

A game such as Subnautica by Unknown Worlds Entertainment when played with a virtual reality headset is phenomenally immersive. The game revolves around a crashed spaceship survivor on a largely aquatic alien planet having to survive by surviving in this fantastically luminescent world.

Virtual reality headsets will generally be fitted with 3D audio systems that permit the player to not just see into another world, but hear its sounds in the adequate surround-sound. This is the way that makes full immersion work properly. There are also touch controllers that allow the hands to enter this digital world in a proper way.

These controllers allow one to interact with the environment similarly to how people would in a realistic manner by picking up and interacting with objects.

What is Augmented Reality ?

Augmented reality is different to virtual reality in that the similar types of headsets that one will wear will not transport them to another world, but just bring more elements to their own. This means that one will be seeing exactly what is in front of them, there will just be more features and textures being added.

In terms of gaming, Pokemon Go! Has been one of the leading examples of augmented reality software. Those that would be playing the game through an augmented reality medium would be seeing cute and colorful Pokemon appearing in their real world environment, which they could then throw pokeballs at using their hands.

As one can see, the main difference between virtual reality and augmented reality is that while virtual reality takes a person to a whole different world, augmented reality just makes the real one far more enjoyable.

In terms of gaming, there are endless potentials for both mediums. While most hardcore gamers will prefer virtual reality for their immersive pleasures, augmented reality is a perfect way to introduce those that may have shied away from gaming. It introduced them to it in a novel and thrilling real world setting.

People can, of course, enjoy both mediums as they develop in the next few years.

Brazilian college student Felipe Matos with his advertised car.
Brazilian college student Felipe Matos with his advertised car.

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