UFO and Alien Mystery Explored (Part 2)

Exploring ancient UFO sightings

UFO and Alien Mystery Explored

The following article is yet another extract from a book called “The Unexplained Explored” and continues from an earlier article which you can view HERE.

The following images provide some examples of early “sightings” and it is impossible to imagine what the artist was trying to depict, if not a UFO.

This is a fresco entitled “The Crucifixion” and was painted in 1350

In this first example we can see two objects in the fresco (top left and right) which are most unusual. If we have a closer look at these objects, they appear to be flying machines that contain one person in each. The person in the first craft (top right) appears to be looking behind as if the second craft (top left) is in chase?

The Crucifixion The Crucifixion craft

The people in these machines look as if they are using some controls to fly them, yet no such craft existed at that time. What could a painter in the year 1350 be trying to show us with these images?

The Madonna with Saint Giovannino
The Madonna with Saint Giovannino Painted in the 15th Century

In the painting of Madonna, we can clearly see an object in the sky that can only be described as a UFO. Had this been a photograph taken in recent years, it would certainly have appeared on most of the UFO sites. Notice how the painter has placed a considerable amount of importance on this object, as the man and his dog are both looking skyward at it.

The Annunciation
The Annunciation by Carlo Crivelli (1486)

Again we see another UFO type object in “The Annunciation” that seems to be projecting some light beam that passes through a wall and shines on Mary’s head. It is almost like looking at a poster promoting some new Sci-Fi movie, but this was painted more than 520 years ago!

We shall look at more of this later, but you can find all this information (and much more) in the book “The Unexplained Explored