Top Cell Phone Repair

The problem with having a cell phone in need of repair is that most people can’t wait long for the phone’s return. With smartphones, customers typically use them for more than just conversations. Depending on the model, a smartphone can be used for email, research, taking notes, appointment reminders and more. That’s why companies such as are designed to repair a phone quickly without too much interruption in a customer’s day.

Broken Screen

It’s not surprising that a scratched or broken screen is the most common repair needed for cell phones. It’s easy to damage smartphone screens by dropping them. Luckily, there are aftermarket replacement screens for most cell phones, and they can be replaced pretty quickly. Users can protect their phone’s screen with a screen protector. Phone cases sometimes include a screen protector, or one can be bought separately.

Depending on the phone model, replacing a broken screen can cost up to $300. While they are generally stocked by phone repair companies, the labor is what drives up the cost. Some customers attempt to replace their phone screen on their own. This can save the customer on labor, but is not recommended by phone manufacturers. Typically, repairs done by anyone who isn’t certified to fix phones by the manufacturer negates any warranty for the device. However, if the warranty is already expired, replacing the smartphone screen at home may be one way to save money.

Cell Phone Screen Protection

Most manufacturers recommend a screen protector for phones that get heavy usage. Anyone who often travels or works on construction or remodel job sites would be wise to protect their phones. However, many cell phone cases do a good job of protecting the screens from damage. Hard smartphone cases put a layer of separation between the phone and any surface. They also make it harder for the screen to be scratched, because the case keeps the screen from rubbing on any surface. If the phone is likely to be dropped often, it’s still better to add a smartphone screen protector along with the phone case.

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