Top 5 Apps that Celebrities Love

We all look to celebs when it comes to buying consumer products, from clothes, shoes, cars and even food. So maybe you’re wondering: what apps do celebrities use? Here are some of the more popular ones.

  1. Video chatting apps. Video chatting isn’t really all that complicated these days, especially with companies like Veri offering ways for celebs to use their smartphones for chats. Fans of course love these apps, since video chatting with celebrities can be a thrill. It’s safe and easy for celebs too.
  2. Photo sharing apps. Of course, lots of celebrities and would-be celebs love these apps. Photos are easy, since every smartphone has a camera. Even with the most basic smartphones, celebs can send pictures that all their fans will appreciate.

In fact, in some cases these apps are what turn a regular person into a celebrity. When a woman shares a bikini pic or a guy shares photos shirtless, fans tend to follow. Others can even become famous because they look eerily like a famous celeb.

  1. Photo editing apps. This is a very popular type of app, since many celebrities do want to look their best in pictures (don’t we all?) that can be featured on other websites. So with these apps, wrinkles and pimples can be erased, and the waist can be just a tad slimmer too. Some apps can even change the background so celebs can look like they’re in an exotic location.

Many of the more traditional programs for these things are too complicated to use, with features that most people don’t really need. But there are simpler apps too which can improve picture in just a few seconds.

  1. Anonymous Twitter-like apps. Twitter can be a double-edged sword for celebrities, since various tweets can be misconstrued or can offend the hypersensitive. How many times have celebrities been forced to apologize for a controversial tweet, even if they didn’t meant to offend?

But there are other apps that function like Twitter, where celebs can be anonymous. So they can get into discussions about various topics with others online without giving their publicists and PR managers a nightmare PR problem.

These apps can let celebs air controversial view points, insult people they don’t like, or air their dirty laundry without it ending in a PR disaster. An app like this can also generate “likes” and supportive replies that can soothe their egos and validate their feelings.

  1. Food delivery apps. Apps like Postmates are popular among celebs on the go, because they can facilitate the delivery of items from their favorite restaurants and shops. An app like this is a favorite among athletes like basketball players on a string of away games, or people on a concert tour.

top apps celebrities love.