Techradar Picks the Sickest Android Games of 2018

For those who have an Android, there’s no reason to ever be bored standing in line or killing time. Here’s TechRadar’s tested and approved top picks for 2018 to keep thumbs busy anywhere. Check out all 50 TechRadar favorites and preview the top two below, as well as a bonus pick, Tank Battle Heroes.

Pumped BMX3

Pumped BMX 3 looks cute, but there are surprises behind the colorful graphics and simplistic controls. This is more than a lazy day BMX trial ride, as players quickly discover when the ride turns fast and furious and shatters the complacency of any moment.

Where Pumped BMX 2 had a more laid-back feel as a BMX hurtled in the air, the new version requires mastery. Those who just wing it are quickly crushed, but once the player becomes familiar with the course, it’s fun to work through successive levels.

Confident digital BMXers soon have the confidence to spice up jumps with stunts that raise scores and inspire the kind of awe that makes BMX pros fist pump and whistle.

Implosion – Never Lose Hope

Implosion takes willing participants to an alternate Earth, beaten down by aliens, humans nearly extinct. The player is the last hope a dying race. Luckily, the remnants of Earth’s greatest civilizations pooled their resources to develop a powerful weapon, a well-used battle suit.

The game has great graphics and gleaming landscapes, but players have little chance to notice as they slash, blast and run their way through alien drones. There are nasty surprises that come up to challenge players and change up the pacing and difficulty. After each level, players earn more goodies for the super suit and can unlock new combos.

Tank Battle Heroes MOD APK ROOT

Tank Battle Heroes MOD APK features battling tanks, developed by T-Bull. Players from around the globe man the in-game military base and achieve mission-critical tasks for gold and silver rewards that trade up to tank upgrades and promotions to better parts. The graphics and controls are very smooth. Since it’s still under development, it can be downloaded for free. Players can also learn tricks and tips to get unlimited silver and coins.

Android games – there are hundreds of thousands of them – cater to the interest and abilities of gamers at any skill level. To choose the ones worth trying, check top picks from reputable sites.

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