How Sweet it is …High School Loves Reunite after Decades

After reading the montage of love stories of reunited loves, some may be inspired to look up an old flame yourself. If searching through Facebook account doesn’t cut it, try a more direct approach, such as a dedicated online search tool like Let’s look at some success stories of requited love.

Love Letters Work – Give or Take a Few Decades

That’s the lesson learned by the love story of Loraine Atkins and Terry McGurk. These high school sweethearts went separate ways but never forgot one another. Although they dated less than three months, McGurk wrote over 100 love letters that Atkins never threw away.

The letters were written in the early 1980s and profess messages such as “I can’t bear another day without seeing you.” The pair eventually split and married other people, but those love letters proved useful to their eventual reunion. Atkins turned to McGurk’s sweet missives after her marriage fell apart because she was seeking comfort. Later, she looked McGurk up on Facebook and they decided to meet.

Atkins saw her old love’s smile and knew he was the same man after all those years. That smiled was her undoing for the second time and a new romance bloomed. The couple live together and plan to marry — and McGurk is apparently writing letters once more.

Canadian Couple Reunite 42 Years After High School Romance

Dave Raynor and Patti Jeannotte date in high school in the 1970s before going their separate ways. However, they rediscovered each other and rekindled a poetic love.

Raynor left his hometown to pursue a career as a recording engineer in the lower 48, living in Los Angeles and Seattle. Among his remarkable achievements, he toured with stars like Chuck Berry and Deniece Williams. Raynor co-wrote a song. “I Believe in You,” that won Williams a Grammy.

Meanwhile, Jeannotte still lived in Vancouver, where she still works at Albertson’s. Both married and had children, and both divorced, Raynor in 1996, and Jeannotte in 2000. They say they thought of each other in those years, but it was all in the timing as far as meeting up once more.

In 2013, Raynor was visiting the couple’s hometown in Camas. While chatting with his high school best friend, Patti’s name came up. He wondered what she was up too. Jim “Merk” Morris, Raynor’s friend, informed him that Patti lived down the street.

The two ended up meeting at Morris’ house and that was it until a while later, when Raynor was back in town and the couple rekindled their romance.

Illinois Couple Getting Married After 23 Years Apart

It’s the classic story, according to the Huffington Post, boy meets girl, they fall in love, someone moves away, and they get engaged 23 years later. This is the true story of high school loves Laine Thompson and Lucas Blum. Though it’s fit for the big screen, this true story is the real-life tale of two people destined to be together.

They met in choir in 1989 and became inseparable. Blum even sketched Blum as she did her homework. But she moved from their home in Freeport, Illinois, to southern California after graduation, so the relationship didn’t work out. Eventually, each married someone else.

Blum admitted she thought of her old sweetheart often and saw him at a friend’s wedding once. She says she secretly compared her husband to Lucas, who she always felt was more thoughtful and sensitive to her needs. Once Blum got divorced, she looked up Lucas on Facebook to find that he was separated from his wife. The two communicated via email and phone, but the distance was still a problem since Thompson lived in Kentucky and Blum was in Washington. The pair proclaimed their love had not waned in the intervening years and agreed to meet on a park bridge in Freeport.

Thompson describes that day as magical. The couple kissed, cried and held each other in a long overwhelming moment. Then, they strolled through the park, on the beginning of a journey that would sweep the couple away.

Six months later, Blum relocated to Kentucky to be with Thompson and her children. In December 2012, he proposed to Thompson on the same bridge.

These love stories are powerful and heartening. However, before contacting a former lover, you should make sure you know them as well as you think you do. is a helpful, unobtrusive way to protect someone’s safety without losing the opportunity for a reunion with someone.

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