Randy Berg Offers Affordable Villas in Costa Rica

Everywhere you look there are homes for sale in Costa Rica – classified ads, Ebay, email, popups, Google ads and more. All are littered with advertising promoting the idea of purchasing your own slice of paradise.

Over the years, Costa Rica has become a top destination for baby boomers looking to retire where their fixed incomes go a lot further than they would “back home.”

Recently, Costa Rica was voted one of the Top 10 retirement destinations based on affordability.


With it’s close vicinity to the USA (Miami 2 hours away), Costa Rica appeals to a wide demographic.

With alluring elements like cheaper cost of living, tropical and eco-friendly environments, democratic stability and the welcoming nature of the Costa Ricans themselves – it’s no wonder Costa Rica is popular.

One of the hurdles faced by many in the real estate sector, is the fact that Costa Rica has developed a “stigma” of sorts – one that is perceived to be reserved for only the rich and famous.

But now there are options for the rest of us.

Randy Berg of CR-HOME.COM has a passion unlike non-other. His vision to produce and market, affordable housing almost anyone can afford, has really begun to take off.

Villa Bella is a beachfront gated community of titled lots with 2 bedroom Mediterranean villas only steps from the waves of Playa Hermosa along the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

Hermosa beach is a short distance south of Jaco and is world renowned for it’s quality of surf and volcanic black sands.

Backdropped by the infamous rain forests Costa Rica has become famous for, Villa Bella can be defined as “opportunity returned.”

For years now, people have been wishing they’d gotten in on the

Costa Rica real estate boom however we know the age ol’ saying, “hindsight is 20/20” so in the end…it’s all but a dream.

Or is it?

Following the dream of Randy Berg, he’s decided to keep that mindset and offer titled beachfront 2 bedroom villas for under $150k.

Oddly enough the bargain doesn’t stop there – Randy offers buyer financial without all the pre-qualifying hassles we’ve come use to. It’s simple like Randy’s entire business model.

And with these prices, he’s turning the real estate market in Costa Rica on it’s head then coming down with a hard elbow to the esophagus. It’s a smackdown of epic proportions.

For more information on Randy Berg and affordable

homes for sale in Costa Rica, meander over to his web page here – Randy’s Affordable Homes