Parts Management: The Best Tool for Managing Electronic Parts

Parts management is no longer just about picking out parts for your electronics designs, it is a lot more. The key to this is quality Bill of Materials (BOM) software tool. Good parts management tools are those which cover everything from the parts you want, manage your Web-based BOM Analyzer, and handle issues of compliance and law within different jurisdictions.

Ciiva Smartparts is the most comprehensive and effective tool for electronic parts management. It has transformed parts management for better performance, higher productivity and innovation. You have supplier and parts data as well as other critical information for the success of your design throughout the lifecycle, at your fingertips.

This is the tool that will help you with design innovation, improving your design and product quality and cost reduction in the process by:

  1. Centralized BOM Management
  • Every member of the team is able to access and get information from the BOM as well as track and know who made changes and where changes are made.
  1. Ensures Cost Effectiveness and Genuine Electronic Components
  • Purchase from the best suppliers at the best market prices from the up to date parts and suppliers database.
  • There is no room for counterfeits since the parts are sourced from reputable and licensed suppliers and will even get alerts for counterfeits.
  • Auto-sync price and parts data with your internal information for updated Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
  1. Controlling Product Design Process

It guarantees efficient management of components supply to take care of obsolescence, risk, compliance and alternate components

  • Giving access to a reliable database of up to date component use and get you status information such as PCNs, EOLs and other compliance information like regulations and laws.
  • Historical lifecycle forecasts for near end of life and obsolete components and prevents unexpected design changes.
  • Take care of supply by identifying alternate components suppliers.
  1. Cost Reduction; Design and Production

Unbiased source for all costs in design and production for overall cost cutting

  • Compare parts prices from different manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Helps you to identify areas where you can re-use parts.
  • Purchase components from trusted and licensed sources.
  • Easily get verified alternate parts and respective manufacturers.
  • Identify and purchase parts that are near the end of life to avoid expenses of a redesign.
  1. Optimize Quotes
  • Process quotes faster and with optimised prices.
  • Enable cross-referencing and lifecycle part pricing into your quoting.
  1. Regulatory Compliance
  • Through integrated tools, it ensures design and parts compliance with regulations such as REACH, RoHS and Conflict minerals as well as export legislation and updates on regulatory and compliance changes.

bom analysis software.Stand Out Features:

  • Unlimited access to thousands of parts in the components database.
  • Data on historical lifecycle data, pricing, and availability of each part.
  • One-click parts analysis for every component in the BOM.
  • Best prices and preferred distributors for each component in your BOM.
  • Quick substitution of obsolete components with verified alternatives.
  • Updates for designs using Intelligent data management technology to auto-complete component parametric data.
  • Secure storage of parts libraries
  • Auto-organization and update of libraries through Intelligent data management technology.
  • Combine your private library and the parts database to for a universal parts library with thousands of available components.
  • Source parts at the click of a button from the comfort of your workspace.

This is the wholesome parts management software that is the dream of any designer; you get a boost in innovation insights, get the most cost efficient parts and suppliers and management of the entire process throughout the lifecycle of the product.

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