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Nidhi Mahajan is a marketer, entrepreneur, and constant tinkerer. From building WordPress plugins to testing with conversion rate optimization, she is always working on new digital projects. You can contact her at https://www.facebook.com/nidhi.mahajan.7121 or at [email protected].

day trading for a living.

Day Trading for a Living: Dream Job or Stress Maker

Day trading can be a dream job that is suitable for many people. Armed with only a laptop, you can trade anywhere in the...
bom analysis software.

Parts Management: The Best Tool for Managing Electronic Parts

Parts management is no longer just about picking out parts for your electronics designs, it is a lot more. The key to this is...
dissertation or thesis writing.

Top Quality Dissertation and Thesis Writing

Writing your thesis or dissertation is a big deal and can put a lot of mental strain on you, especially because of the importance...
online video marketing.

Online Video Marketing – an Efficient Marketing Tool for Startups

Today, you can find several video agencies and even individuals creating some really compelling content to sway their target audience. According to Spiel, a...
british military kit.

Is your Military Kit Insurance Cover Adequate?

Many soldiers are left perplexed and frustrated when they realize how much they are expected to pay for kit that is damaged in training...
myrtle beach.

The Best Traveling Spots Around the Globe – Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is one of the most visited and liked family vacation destinations in the U.S. This beautiful seaside destination definitely ranks as one...