Our Top Five: The Best Editing Software for Beginners

Users upload at least 576,000 hours to youtube daily. DAILY. And when you factor in other titans like Facebook or Instagram, that number only multiplies. Are your videos looking top notch?

Ever want to try editing your videos to make them look or do something a little different? Keep reading for our list of best editing software for people new to video.

Best Editing Software For Simple Videos

You don’t have to fire-up a product like Premier if you’re only trying to clean-up or make modifications to a video you want to put on Facebook. These software programs are simple to learn and use, and perfect for your video editing needs.

1. Adobe Spark

This is the run-and-gun software for people out on the move capturing content. This video maker allows you to add media, customize layouts, incorporate music, and change your footage without hassle.

From the company that provides Adobe Premier, the film industry standard for editing software, Spark is the perfect pocket edition.

2. Blender

Blender is one of the best-known names as far as simple video software go, and rightly so.

This platform cuts to the chase in what most people want: splicing and organizing.

It’s also open sourced, so people looking to do a little more with it or take it to the next level can do so.

Speaking of next level things, Blender also allows you to put on video masks and other technical features. Whether beginner or pro, this platform has something to offer.

3. iMovie

Another with a well known, branded name. For as popular as iMovie is, it often gets overlooked.

This software helps people trying to work on simple video projects, youtube videos, Facebook uploads long-form Instagram videos, and other things.

You can do simple layering and splicing, adding music and transitional effects, along with a long list of other things. The key thing is that Apple created iMovie’s interface, so it’s easily accessible.

This is great software if you’re looking to get your toes wet and play around with video editing!

4. Corel VideoStudio

Software that has a lot of bells and whistles like an Adobe Product. The thing that makes Corel VideoStudio stand out is its ability to capture motion tracking.

If you’re out capturing lots of content, but later see something you want to block out or draw attention too, this simple software might come in handy!

5. WeVideo

WeVideo comes in as somewhat of a new-comer in the editing world. But this software is making a name for itself because of its non-existent learning curve.

People can jump right in and start working on a video without the hassle of import-hurtles and rendering bugs.

What’s popular with WeVideo right now is the classroom setting, where whole classes can use the software to create videos. It’s nice because WeVideo offers in-house footage, images, and sound for creators to play around with.

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Happy editing!

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